Why do some AudioJungle authors succeed so quickly?

Around 3-8,000 sales in 3-4 year has been possible for some authors, therefore seems certainly attainable for others!
I assume it’s quality music, uploading regularly, good marketing, image…
and is there an element of luck and being in the right place at the right time?

Please add your thoughts?


I have been thinking of it…And came up with nothing… I know its not quality music because i see many with average music succeed. I know its not marketing, how would you even market this thing that we do? Luck? Of course. Something else that we don’t know about? probably… i don’t know…It is frustrating when a guy comes and make 1000 sales in 6 months…


I think if you can get on the popular files page you are on a winner as many buyers will land there to listen to the trending tracks, even before making a search.


Off course luck matters, but I believe for the luck to come you need to have at least good and usable tracks for buyers. Some authors got that in their first track, but most of them got that opportunity after hundreds uploads.
The key is you’ll never know what will happen, so never stop trying. :smile:


It’s mostly luck. And luck is mainly affected by statistics because it’s all about probability and the more you have tries the better chance you have of actually getting the lucky number. Of course you have to have good enough quality to begin with to actually get the response you are looking for when that right number comes. But yes, not much you can do about it other than just keep on trying.

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Really? Complete opposite in my case, I like to witness these successes a lot! Why not be inspired by them instead of frustrated? Pretty sure it would have a better effect than the other way around. :wink:


Exactly! I’ve joined Envato because i’ve seen a lot of cool guys achieved a great success here, and it was the biggest…cough…motivation…cough for me! Im happy to see it works so i can do it as well.


I think right formula is simple: constant learning + following trends + quality + pinch of originality + external promotion + constant uploads + forum visibility + luck.


I think you probably have it there, in varying degrees!

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If only it were that simple… Unfortunately, the above is only true if all other factors impacting your statistics remain unchanged. In reality, though, many other authors are grinding out even more tracks than you are, new authors are joining, algorithms are being changed, etc. so that, statistically, your chances might be diminishing even as you are working your a** off. So, yes, we are playing a lottery here, but one which is practically non-quantifiable without this: :crystal_ball:

Be as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that without tries your probability will be even lower. Even if the other variables make it harder all the time, every try you make raises the probability somewhat in comparison the situation where you didn’t make the try. But I agree that it was easier to get that golden ticket two years ago. And it will probably be easier now than two years from now.

Nice Formula @LumenMedia . Sounds like an Einstein Equation to me :mortar_board:

Ha ha, yes, for me too. Looks simple, but every component of it far from simplicity.

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Hello everyone! I’m thinking of becoming an aurthor here on audio jungle!

I just have a few questions:

If i upload my music on audio jungle, am i still aloud to sell it elsewhere? As in, upload it on another website that is similarly to AJ and licence it via that website(s)?

Do i choose the price of the music i sell or are prices fixed and set for every Author?

If i register my music with APRA (Australia performing rights association) can i still sell it on audio jungle?

Agree with you :wink:

Great equation !
I think of it as 99% effort/endurance and 1% intelligence (of whatever kind).

  1. if you register as “non-exclusive” you can sell on another website
  2. The price is fixed by AJ depending on type and lenght
  3. You can´t upload music registered with a P.R.O, no matter which country you registered it.

You ll find this and many other answers here

I recently uploaded my first song to AJ, but how is anyone going to see it? It instantly got lost in all the other uploads. Maybe external promotion is the way to go, I’ll have to look into that.

Ok great! that’s extremely helpful. but, i’d like to ask: What are the advantages and disadvantages of going exclusive, or staying non-exclusive? Also, is it really worth it than, to sell through AJ if you can’t register with a P.R.O? I’m not very informed about P.R.O’s so i don’t know how much one could expect to make from them.

I advice to search the forum or start another thread, because your questions have nothing to do with this one :slight_smile: