Audiojungle... goodbye

For a month I have been refused tracks for no reason. Audiojungle is not for me. Goodbye

The truth is, things got very hard and difficult the past few months in Audiojungle. I had several rejections too. But I think if I was envato market I would do the same thing!
I guess they want to keep only the top class tracks so they will improve their database. This is a challenge for me to try to get better…
Anyway, wish you good luck if you move to another market. Cheers!


The quality of my music and the last rejected track is far superior or equal to the average in audiojungle.

If AJ’s policies and goals have changed it would have been correct to inform the people that tries to work with and for them.

It’s will be easy, no?

Many thank’s for your comment and good luck!!


With 400,000+ tracks, “equal to average” no longer cuts it unfortunately.

But it’s hard to really say if it’s fair or not if we can’t hear what was rejected.


They refused ALL your tracks?
I see you only have 1 year here… have patience… sometimes it’s not about quality. It’s about “fit” “not fit”…
I spend generous time listening new approved tracks… and since, I also got lots of approved tracks.
Good luck!


Let’s hear em! Maybe we can provide some insight. As mentioned going by the average isn’t really good enough these days. You’ve gotta compare your stuff against tracks accepted within the last month… only way to stay current.


More or less same here…
Take it like a challenge and try to improve even more your production skills, actually it’s what I’m doing.

If it’s true that Envato have changed their policies and requirements I’m totally agree with you that will be really helpful, at least, some tips for produce tracks on a right “audiojungle” way. The only information about it’s quite old, actually.

Anyway, good luck to everybody!

Man I think you should stay, start on other markets as well but don t get angry, we all need to adapt and I think rejection help all of us to do more and better

Vast question, vast subject.
You have the choice between:
1- listen to the other accepted songs and create exactly the same, at the expense of your style of composition, but you will be accepted and sell here.
2- Privilege your style, your personal influence, but you will be rejected and will not sell here.

In my case I chose: 2

Indeed the choice number 1 will allow me to sell more here, but I will have to do like everyone else: become a soulless musical robot to comply with the “style” Envato.
I prefer to compose in my style, my personalization, and sell them elsewhere.
And it sells pretty well, believe me.
Maybe because it’s songs with style, customization, and not at all clones of what we find here.

Now, these pieces are not selling here. It’s a choice.

FYI, as soon as I watch a Youtube video with music “Envato” I spot it right away, and I mutate the sound. Too recognizable and too similar to thousands of others.

If Michael Jackson had just “copied” the others in 1980 we would have never had these great music.

But again it’s a personal choice, at the expense of sales here.

I hardly sell here, but I stayed myself.
It’s up to you to see if you want to keep your personality or become a musical conformist robot but increase sellings here.

And finally do not ask the opinion of others here, because if they sell well they correspond to the scheme mentioned above, accept it, or do not realize, but therefore will advise you otherwise. which seems logical to me at the same time.


You’re talking about the infamous “corporate” style/genre, right?

If you browse through the different genre, you’ll see that your post does not reflect reality. There are many great unique tracks on here.


@MARCEL_studios I can’t agree with this attitude. Your advice to @anon4522769 is very far to the reality!

And finally do not ask the opinion of others here, because if they sell well they correspond to the scheme mentioned above, accept it, or do not realize, but therefore will advise you otherwise. which seems logical to me at the same time.

And the variety of musicians which you don’t even recognize . There are authors with own style ! For example , one sells mostly beautiful piano tracks and the other sells mostly percussion music because this is his personal taste , but I saw many portfolios which are personalized to the author musical orientation ! Okay , some people do like you said , but they follow the easiest way ! My opinion is that before you generalize a whole community , take your time and look around in the Jungle ! Here are many talented musicians who compose music with soul , represent quality and this is the most important thing here ! And please , if you don’t want to stay here and being the part of the community , walk away and just don’t give advices but if you do enlight yourself !

Thank you!

Lilla (Team HoneyLoud)


it goes without saying that there is surely some original music. But if the goal is to listen to accepted and popular music and “copy” it to be accepted:
1- you do not necessarily compose in your style and it does not reflect your own personality (but at least you are accepted and you sell)
2-yes, the corporate style reassures you to have more chances to be accepted.

3- You are right that, after all, it is perhaps only that which customers ask. No need to offer cinematic if they want corporate.

Again this is only my personal opinion and my feelings, but I have the impression that on other sites (not all, many are exactly like you) you are selected for this little extra stuff. here it seems to me more “calibrated”.

But again if that is what customers want after all. and that would explain the large number of current hard reject.

But maybe what I’m looking for does not match audiojungle, but maybe more Envato studio. I just discovered this service. but what exactly is it, can I be informed?

It seems more like a place for custom made songs than Calibrated standard music. Am I right ?

Audio Jungle is a brilliant resource for buyers to purchase appropriate music selecting from a range of different genres. Indeed the corporate category is the most popular due to it’s ability to suit a multitude of usages for buyers. I think it would be wrong to simply pigeon hole this genre as soulless as it has the most applicable uses and therefore generates the most sales. This site, like other royalty-free sites, are providing a service to buyers who require music for a specific use. The corporate genre is highly competitive and yes has many drawbacks due to copying a formula that seems to work for these particular tracks. The amount of hard-rejected tracks posted in the forums illustrates the point that uploading a track to a site that is raising the standard and quality of audio is positive and that this is what makes Audio Jungle an exciting place to be an author. I think that it would be prudent to offer a diverse portfolio to potential buyers and not to solely focus on an over saturated genre.


totally agree.

Don’t spit the dummy out over a few rejections @anon4522769 , find your niche and hone your skills. I’ve been here 9 years and I’m only starting to understand what envato/customers are looking for. Stick at it, its worth it!



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I sold here under a different name maybe two years ago and haven’t signed on with this name for a long time, but from what I can tell, nothing has changed in the last year or so. Similar complaints were being posted back then as well. I retired from RF music, but I stay in touch to see how things have progressed… I guess I really should say, declined, for the average composer. It’s gotten to be as competitive in RF marketplaces as it is in the higher paying traditional, non-RF market. So what is the point to being here now? If you’re up against stiff competition everywhere you turn, turn towards the bigger goal. The competition is a bit tougher in terms of music quality, but there are way less people to compete with. Younger musicians may not remember, but one of the reasons musicians flocked to RF years ago was the competition and constant rejections from the traditional libraries. That’s being flipped now.

Outside of AJ, and not just here, things have plummeted for most “online musicians” choosing to focus exclusively on the RF music market. Some of us dropped the market completely went back to just using the old school approach with the more traditional production music model, exclusive agreements and upfront fees per track as works for hire. It might be hard to see while you’re stuck in it, but this RF marketplace model is basically a dead end if that’s all you rely on. For years, there has been way too much music and too many composers vying for position in a devalued market where music is “cheap”. You can’t survive on non-exclusive agreements with a sub-50 percent cut of a tiny fee when everyone and their brother is selling dozens of songs each on the same multiple sites you use. It generally doesn’t matter how good you are at that point. You simply can’t make the money that used to be available. I’m an older guy who’s been doing this for years and I’ve watched rates go through the floor. It’s bad in the traditional market as well, thanks to places like this and the other RF marketplaces. And if someone who is selling well today tells you differently, wait about a year, then comes back and see where they are.

I think the bottom line is that if you believe in your talent, why not move on? Don’t become a drone. This is only profitable for a very small percentage of people, so I wouldn’t fret over it at all. Do what’s right for you and your career. AJ isn’t going to care about you, just their profits, which is the same as every large RF factory assembly line out there. Find good libraries with good track records of placements with customers that have real budgets and create productions that generate performance royalties, music supervisors that will shop your material to customers, and stable agreements for upfront money where you retain your writer’s royalties even if it means losing the copyright on some tracks.


All of my good stuff here was rejected. Approved only faceless crap
It confuses me.
If i want succeed i cannot put a lot of effort in one track, cuz approve is random.

Also, writing mainstream primitive is pain in as, unbelievably hard to me :face_vomiting:

yesterday I decided I wanted to find some “non mainstream” music here on AJ… and there are tons of it… strange dark metal, neo retro glitch synthwave, good old jazz trios… and all this has been published recently, and sells…
Of course if you only check the corporate best sellers, you’ll have the feeling everything sounds the same…


Well then god bless people with enough patience to go through random rejections