Goodbye to this wonderful community! :)

Hi there!
I realized that AJ at the moment is not worth it for me.
I decided to sell here for extra money, not with big ambitions…but:
My approval rate was 4 on 5 or so…now is 5 on 5 rejected all the time, with the same quality/care I put in my approved items and such.
I think I’ll leave what is in my portfolio to give those items some chance, but I can’t work on rejections anymore.
I know it could be the saturation of this market or other standards, it just don’t fit with my expectations…
So i am gonna leave AJ for a while or for good, to better say.
If you want to address me, thank you.

Thanks everyone for this supporting and wonderful community!
Bless and Good Sales Everyone!!!


Sad to see you go. Have you tried other genres? Maybe find a niche you feel comfortable in?



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thanks man :slight_smile:
yes I could try, but if they (from 2 months) reject everything I did in the spot of what was always approved (corporate, cinematic, reggae, percussions) it is a sign that my time is over here…
I can’t experiment all the time and throw away days :slight_smile:

Don’t be upset, everything will work out, take a black strip and come white! :v:


im not upset really…It’s just practical thinking and balancing time/results :slight_smile:
thanks for replies :slight_smile:

Oh! It’s sad :worried: Good luck. Wish you great success … with or without Envato

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thanks bro :slight_smile:

have a great week!!!


In my opinion “Envato” is going through times of “recession”. I do not see clearly certain ideas and directions. They are trying to do something, but do not understand that. I see on the forum a lot of people with suggestions for improving the service moreover, I myself have made several. not one of them is not implemented. For example service of Google works closely with its users and all suggestions and ideas are considered and many of them are implemented. There is no possibility for the authors to monitor your portfolio - this is for me “tragedy” but I don’t want to make the old song. all know what I mean.

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If you haven’t already, and if you want to keep developing as a producer, you might try selling new material on other websites. Perhaps your style would fit better somewhere else. There are many to choose from. I wish you good luck on your endeavors :slight_smile:

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Thanks mate…I don’t even know other marketplaces :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry to hear that, @thebigsound

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Right…what about this idea: they could make simple announcements like (for example):

  • in the month of may 2017 envato will accept only _____ items in this category due to overload
  • we need some items in this category _______

it’s rough but I think it could work…

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I’m sorry… I feel sad to see someone who is working hard and just leaves .
Hope you are fine and sure we’ll see you with a lot of estra-energy very soon!


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very good idea! :smiley:

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thank man-…
i was here not for a main job, so I guess it’s easier for me to leave…but I can tell you I was entering AJ slowly and starting to sort things out, it is just it’s not worth for me at the moment… :slight_smile:
as you say: it’s hard work even for part time…

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See you in linkedin!

Sure boss!

Inviato da Libero Mail per iOS

Very, very, very good decision.

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Good bye. Wish you all the best for your new start :slight_smile:

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thank you :slight_smile:
A LOT OF KINDNESS HERE :slight_smile:

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