Audiojungle is fantastic!

Why is Audiojungle so fantastic?..

  1. It is so fantastic that it has an average 2.90M (read it millions) visits per month, in the last 6 months.
  2. It is so fantastic that the “popular files” page (read it the best selling music page) has an average of 33 sales per song per week.
  3. It is so fantastic that the price of 24 of the 30 best selling tracks that fill that page is below 20 bucks!
  4. It is so fantastic that 12 of that 30 best selling tracks are being sold for less than 10 bucks.
  5. It is so fantastic that 8 of the 30 best selling tracks are being sold for 5 bucks (the best seller of the week included).

Isn’t Audiojungle fantastic?!.. Of course it is! (my subjective opinion, only! Of course!!)
If you have your own opinion about the subject, feel free to tell us why you think AJ is so fantastic. :slight_smile:

  1. Its so fantastic that even in authors they advertise the subscription banner!
  2. Its so fantastic that the lowest price for music is $5, while others did the opposite.
  3. Its so fantastic that these 2 are the only one I can think of right now

I think it needs a new “dark mode screen design”

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Audiojungle is fantastic because Envato makes at least $4 per sale compared to an Elite authors who makes $0.87 on a $5 track. Now that’s fantastic business sense.


Well, I don´t know why you opened this thread may be to get Clickbaits or to get a featured file of the week with this headline.

But yes, after 7 years of membership and close to 6k sales, it´s still worth to be here to make good money. Even there are some things we never will get rid of (copycats, 5$ tracks, naming of tracks), I will stay with Envato hopefully till my pension in several years :slight_smile:

Still looking for the new CEO to step on the stage with fresh and good for all ideas.


It would seem that Audio Jungle is so fantastic, that thousands of otherwise compos mentis music producers have generously decided to give their music practically for free in order for Audio Jungle to make a lot of money with it.

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It is so fantastic that it won’t let you change exclusivity of your account to non exclusive for 30 days or so. Doesn’t matter if you have rain of sales on other platforms, and absolute zero on AudioJungle, you have to wait. Thank you AJ, you’re fantastic!

  1. Its so fantastic that when Elements came they separated the authors, choosing only a few of them instead of all