New(ish) AudioJungle Author Here! ^^

Hello everyone!

Allow me to explain myself. About a year ago I uploaded my first track to AudioJungle, just to test out the system. Now, being none-too-familiar with Envato etc. I waited for emails to arrive saying that I had had a sale. These never arrived, and I kinda forgot about the platform.

Logging in later on as I was doing some SEO stuff, I found the track had three sales! Whoop! It’s very much an esoteric track, so I was never expecting it to shift serious volume. Anyway, motivated by this, I started creating some more tracks with commercial viability.

Currently got three approved, and four in the (very slow it seems) approval pipeline. Feeling hopeful that I can make a little extra money doing what I love. =)

Anyway, I guess this is just to sort of introduce myself to the forums (I have been looking at them, and you all seem a nice bunch). If anyone has any advice for hitting the ground running on this platform, that would be massively appreciated!

Thanks very much!!


Hey, welcome on board!

I’m fairly new myself, just signed up last month. Still getting in the groove but I’m glad to see such a good community around here. :smile:

I don’t have many tips to give at this point, but just try to think of what the audience could potentially buy for their own projects and how your tracks can help them in their endeavors. I find it to be especially useful when considering the amount of versatility you can provide for any potential customer with your products.

And of course, be creative! :smiley:

Hey, welcome! :smiley:


I had a similar experience, although with no sales and no approvals haha but I joined more than a year ago and just a few weeks back I started uploading and dedicating more time to this.

I wish you the best of luck!

And welcome! :smile:

Welcome to the 'Jungle, SilvermanSoundStudio!

Good luck. Wish you lots of success here! :slight_smile:

Hi! Firstly welcome! The success will come if you submit great tracks regularly. If you do not submit for some time sales will get very low or just stop. Just try, never give up! And wish you good luck, of course!

Welcome! Good luck in the Jungle!

Welcome SilvermanSoundStudio! I wish you good luck in the Jungle :slight_smile:

Welcome to the jungle!

Welcome! I feel like I was reading my own story while reading yours :slight_smile: I also joined less than a month ago and have three tracks up right now with a few in queue.

Best of luck to you! Feel free to reach out privately or via email if you want to talk shop or share tracks.

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Welcome to the jungle! Grab a liana and swing to the next milestone!

Welcome to our big and very friendly community!!!:smile:

Welcome to the jungle brother :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey thanks very much everyone! Nice to feel welcome! =)
(also, “welcome to the jungle” hahaha)

Thanks for all the advice, really appreciate it!

Very useful advice there, thanks very much! I’m planning to do at least one high quality track per week, preferably more. Got to get the balance right else I’ll burn out if I do too much, haha.

Burn out - I think everyone has this problem :slight_smile: Sometimes we just need some inspiration, something must happen with us!

welcome buddy, good luck with your sales , indeed, i encourage you to upload often if u want to reach your goal of selling and making a it money :slight_smile:

Welcome to the AudioJungle!!!

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