The destiny of your tracks and portfolio

Hi everyone!
Do you guys cooperate with any PR or Promotion agents/cies for getting more exposure for your portfolio and music or you just quite enough with yourself promotion in social media(facebook, soundcloud, youtube etc.)?Social media no working for me, i don’t know why.
I am asking this because i’ve noticed that there are no sales at all for my oldest tracks since two week passed after approval. So… i have income if i keep uploading new tracks only. For now i can’t understand how authors for example with 15 or 25 or 30 tracks in portfolio can achieve 5,6 or even 7 level? This is miracle for me :). I have almost 100 items in my portfolio. But about 5-10 recently uploaded tracks really works and bring income. All the rest oldest tracks lost in eternity :). I am confused in a bit. Do you have any advices or tips&tricks how to get exposure?


Firstly, more exposure for one track means less for another. The bucket can only take so many worms :wink:

The way the search works (and should work) new items get an opportunity window of a few days in which they need to sell. As long as they keep selling, they’ll hang in there, at least for a couple of months or so. Out of my 300+ items I only have a few that are lucky to be “hanging on” and keep bringing in traffic. 90% or more are just rolling around at the bottom of the ocean. Resubmission is (and should be) prohibited, so it’s really over when it’s over.

However, outside of AJ things are different. For example on YouTube and SoundCloud there’s no real restriction of how many times you can upload the same track. Use that to your advantage. Go nuts! Create playlists, create new accounts, cross-link, do whatever it takes. The math there is simply the more, the better. Don’t forget to target your audience. “In the wild”, not many are looking for music licenses specifically.

The authors lucky enough to have many sales with just a small portfolio usually have something “on the outside” that keeps driving sales. This could be a good ad or video placement, a massive YouTube channel, a great website etc. In some cases it’s mostly because they were featured, or started early when it was still possible to have items in top of searches for years and years. Or, they could be one of the lucky ones to rise to the top of the “Top New Files”!

If nothing else works, learn something about creating VH items and place your own tracks there :sunglasses:

Exposure to video template authors and their customers is the marketing gold for any aspiring AJ author. GOOD LUCK!

Thank you very much, Stockwaves !!! I’ll try to do like you saying. Will see what will happens…:slight_smile: