Audio / music license Marketing tips requested.

Hi fellow composers!

I’ve had some good sales, and I’m working on quite a few new pieces for AJ. Despite a “shaky” start, I’m really enjoying composing for this library now.

I want to put more time in, compose more, but of course I need to sell more as well! Any tips you guys have for increasing sales and boosting your marketing?

All appreciated, thanks!!

Hello ,
This is a thread Iam intrested about too.
My advice would be to use other additional social media networks to get more noticed, like soundcloud etc.

And in my opinion do it with passion, continuity and learn regular everything about audio like mixing/mastering tipps.
Then will something interesting happen called the exponential effect. You reach more and more people and cool things happen ;).


Hello. Since there are 282,145 music items online, I think the best way is to build up a strong portfolio with constantly new uploads.

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