Introducing myself, and a question.

Hello everyone. Just a quick message to introduce myself and say how excited I am about getting stuck in with some music making/selling here. Just had my first two items accepted, and already got two sales on one of them, so pretty chuffed about that.

I was wondering though, in peoples’ experience, do sales tend to come immediately after upload and then taper off rapidly? Or are sales usually spread out over time? Do you reckon my two sales be the end of that tracks life now?

Once again, great to be here.

Well, i even could say that you are lucky with those two sales.

I had one track that immediately after the adoption of got 1 sale (extended license) and so far never has sales more.

Hi and welcome Chimp :slight_smile:

Mostly, tracks will sell in the beginning (if they sell at all) and then sales will die down. You might catch a runner but with such an oversaturated market like this you need a lot of luck for that. Speaking of which, good luck!

Thanks for all the replies everyone. I guess the take-home message is to not get overexcited too early. Fingers crossed I guess. What are other peoples’ experiences in terms of average monthly sales over, say, 100 items?

For most, sales stay the same, regardless of how many items you have. Many even report less sales with more items, which is simply the effect of what I said above, most tracks have a rather short lifespan before they disappear forever.

It’s key to remember that for most authors sales are NOT correlated with the number of items. Again, you might win the lottery and by all means stay positive, but don’t order that Ferrari just yet :wink:

Also see this thread for an ongoing discussion and cospiracy theories AudioJungle Sales Monitor

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I was looking that thread, FirstNote.
About sales, ask to Marbury Media. :cold_sweat:

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Yap :wink:

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Sometimes I have sold some very old tracks here,.,
I think you can share your complete portfolio in social networks… it’s worth to publish your works in social media… and you can get some surprises… . :smiley:good luck!

Thanks Kannonh. Yes, reading through the forum it seems that promotion of your portfolio is one of the keys to success. And collaboration with other content creators, I imagine.

To do promotion I use some social networks like linkedin, with a formal letter. Here, in AJ, I think iit’s good to share your stuff, give your opinion, share ideas… to participate… :slight_smile: