Selling: How many items per week/month do you sell?

Hi there,

I just wonder how many items you sell per day, week, month.

Today I sold my third item within two weeks. Is there a normal average or a statistic where to find selling rates?

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I would say its a normal start. I sold 7 items, 6 within first 13 days of april. I am registered user since January.

Hello Kenaudio,

I have found that the selling rate varies for different authors. It is hard to pin down and average number of sales that any given author can expect. It all depends on the music you release, how well you market yourself, and luck, among other things.

I can tell you what my average is after being here for one year. I didn’t start selling until my third month of being an author. I am selling about 10 songs per month on average after selling for 10 months. In my worst month I sold 1 track. In my best I sold 20 tracks. In my first month of selling I sold 6 songs and 7 during my second month. The numbers went up from there until the month of December. December was my worst month. September was my best month.

In the beginning, I didn’t market myself. By September I was marketing and sales seem to reflect that.

I actually made the most money in one month last month and had a total of 18 sales. It was the addition of music packs that likely caused this.

This month has been my second least selling month so far. I am hoping things pick up towards the end of the month.

One thing that helps here on AudioJungle at least…is continually releasing tracks…and the higher quality, the better. Always strive to put out the highest quality you can.

I will say this…if you look around enough…you will find top selling authors that have been here for 2 or more years with 40 songs or less. This means either that they were able to sell well without constantly releasing songs, or that they brought in buyers from somewhere else, or maybe that they ended up removing several songs that weren’t selling. It is hard to tell which without hearing from those authors themselves.

Anyway, It all seems to be about trying different things and seeing how things turn out. It also helps to find out what you can from other authors. Many AudioJungle authors are happy to share what they know, so you are in the right place if you are looking for answers.

I hope this rambling of mine has given you some insight at least. Good luck and I wish you great success in your musical endeavors.

Yeah, it really depends. An extreme example - go to the pages of the 3 top authors, write down their sales and check again after 24 hours. It’s quite motivating.

Aroundish 10 - 21 tracks per week, we have had some tough time to try to hold on least 2 sales / day and March was quite slow but now April seems to get back on the track and we broke our own records selling over 20 tracks in week :smiley: not much yet but it’s a good sign :slight_smile:

This month, yet I have 86 sales.
In my opinion the sale dependent on the exposure of the track. I have ten tracks which sales took place in the top 10 in its category. In example: my dubstep track takes first place in the folder dubstep, in category Lite Rock second on how many sales. It is these tracks give me about 70 percent of my sales. The remaining items are sold much more slowly.

1 track per month :slight_smile:

Hi, I have 4 months only 4 sales ((( Very bad

Thanks a lot guys!!!

I really appreciate your experience you share in this thread!
@ Guitarjock: Thanks a lot for your great comment! I also think that variety and trying different things will lead to greater success:)!

Have a wonderful Champions League Evening;)!!!

My sales go on par with number of referral clickthroughs. January 20 clickthroughs 29 sales, february 59 clickthroughs 58 sales, march 65 clickthroughs 58 sales, this month yesterday 29 clickthroughs 29 sales, today 31 clickthroughs and 31 sales :slight_smile:

Interesting statistics, hope this helps.

soundengine said

My sales go on par with number of referral clickthroughs.

I wish that wwas true for me - I’ve had 2522 clickthroughs this month :open_mouth:


That’s one hell of a clickthroughs, maybe you should work on your keywording and target audience. If you reach 10% conversion rate on that, that’ll still be lots of sales :slight_smile:

Best of luck

soundengine said

My sales go on par with number of referral clickthroughs. January 20 clickthroughs 29 sales, february 59 clickthroughs 58 sales, march 65 clickthroughs 58 sales, this month yesterday 29 clickthroughs 29 sales, today 31 clickthroughs and 31 sales

But according to your icon you refereed between 1 and 9 users, so how come?

Silly question, but what are the clickthroughs? I’ve only been a member for a couple of weeks but still have no sales. It’s getting mildly frustrating.


Referrals don’t always deposit, frequently i see people paying that extra 2$ so i figure some of them might be referrals. BTW i’m not suggesting that all my sales come from referrals. I think referral sales, native aj sales and videohive referrals complement each other.

But it’s worth noting that when my number of clickthroughs rise, my sales rise.

To be more specific, this month so far 11 of my total 34 sales paid that extra $2 and i had 1 deposit. So guys, youtube promotion is something to be considered in my opinion. There are tons of people looking for music on youtube.

When you read the comments on youtube videos you’ll see that a lot of people are asking “what’s this music?”. So why not give them what they are looking for?

But targeting is important. If your keywords are fl studio, tonehammer, etc. then all you attract will be musicians. You need to attract video producers. So, use it wisely.

My two cents

Thanks Soundengine and all the others !

It’s quite impressive what you have to say. Great click through rates and thanks also for your advice to use YouTube more wisely.
I’ll try that also!

Cheers from sunny Hamburg!!!

how do you sell beats of audio jungle

2,2 sales / month.

But then again, need to be more active with uploads. Only have had 5 items for sale.

Anywhere from 10-25 and I’ve maintained two-figure numbers each month for a year (since September 2012, in fact).