What is your Sales-to-Items ratio?

As the title says, what is your Sales-to-Items ratio?

Is it considered bad to have less sales than items uploaded?
I am asking this question out of curiosity and to have a comparable value.

I have 0.33 myself (one sale, three items uploaded) - what about you?

Well it greatly varies from author to author, as some will have larger portfolios than others, and different people are selling different types of music. It’s a fact that corporate / motivational music sells more than say experimental and abstract music. Some authors choose the business model of building up a large portfolio and regularly upload several times every week (this is a proven method to establish yourself on a stock music site), whilst others focus on having smaller and more specific portfolios.

My sales to items ratio is about 9, but I’ve deleted some older tracks so it would be more like 8. Again, this differs greatly depending on the genre, type etc. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing to have less sales than items uploaded - have a look at the top selling monthly SFX authors - Sound-Ideas and FX-Pro Sound, who both have very low sales-to-items ratios.

37 sales / 14 tracks = 3.363636364

plus i have 2 tracks on queue for review which they doesnt cound…yet

My overall sales to item ratio for my exclusive account (across all marketplaces) is 4.33 and it’s 8.20 for my non-exclusive account.

Just for my Audiojungle stuff, it’s 4.67

421 sales / 20 items = 21.05

I’m amazed at somebody like Sky-Productions who has a mere 32 items and 9,402 sales and counting!

170 sales / 22 tracks = 7.7

417 sales / 53 tracks = 7.8

4664 / 41 = 113.7 :smile:

But I usually delete the files which generate little to no sales in the last six months or so and upload it to my own website and some other stock music sites which have a decent non-exclusive rate.

In my opinion, if you are exclusive, it is crazy to keep a track on AJ just to get that occasional sale once in a year. However, non-exclusive guys have nothing to worry about and I don’t think it’s bad to have too many items with little sales.

29 sales/ 4 tracks=7.25

His tracks are totally amazing that why his sales / ratio is so high! :slight_smile:

Yes you’re right. I just wanted to point this out as to the debate over quality over quantity…

My vital statistics are 2.44

What about when you had 1,000 or so items? :scream:

I hope you put those deleted tracks to good use on another account by the way. They’re way too good to throw away :wink:

If you are referring to me I just love making music, I enjoy the mechanics of it and I try not to get precious over any of them. I also love to collaborate with my brilliant mate Jamie. :smile:

Same for me. Though I hope you upload those deleted tracks to a non-exclusive account. You might as well be making money from them!

You see - this is what I miss about the forums, good discussion about things rather than rejection and how to sell more tracks.


Though I’ve only been here 7 months or so, I miss the charm of the old forums. Things used to be so much more constructive back then. The occasional milestone here and there, but none of this never-ending torrent of “Rejected! Why?!” nonsense and constant self-advertisement over every last achievement.

I really wish we had marketplace categories so all the AJ authors have their own place to discuss all things AJ. The layout right now is far too polluted and full of content that is irrelevant to us. Can’t imagine ThemeForest / GraphicRiver / CodeCanyon / 3DOcean authors really taking an interest in our stuff either.

Check out some of the Themeforest authors!

“…the occasional milestone here and there, but none of this never-ending torrent of “Rejected! Why?!” nonsense…”

I think they’ve always been around, but they were mainly hidden away in the Graphic River and Themeforest forums!