Average frequency of sales


I would like to know the opinion of more experienced users. What is the minimum frequency of sales of the track can be considered normal? One sale per month? One a week? Times a day?

I understand, that there are various fluctuations, such as seasonal rise or fall. But if take the average frequency, how often your track are selling?

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well it depends on what you call normal , for me, as a rule is 7 - 10 sales per day , the top authors can be 50 sales a day , It is normal for them !

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It depends on so many factors that there is no meaningful answer. Most of the sales on whole AJ fall mostly on Corporate and Cinematic genres but then again they have also most of the tunes. This leads into situation where some Corporate tunes will stay at 0 sales throughout all eternity and some tunes gain hundreds of sales each month.

In my opinion it all comes down to what your tunes search visibility initially is, how much that turns into early sales which then lead to better search visibility on the long run and better sales on the long run.

If you miss the initial visibility, nobody finds your tune and it is “lost”.

Getting initial visibility in the most competed genres is really hard, in less competitive genres it’s more easy but then you won’t get that many sales.


Wow! Do you 10 sales one track per day? It’s cool!

Sadly i completely agree with you :frowning: came back to AJ after a year of absence, wrote a couple of corporate motivational songs only to get buried with new songs in less than an hour.

Thanks for answer, @OuranioRecordings. I understand your point.

Your sale is great if 7-10 sales per day brother. :smiley:

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Yes , it was great for me !

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nice topic here…!
it is something i thought recently…well i am part-time here on AJ, so i have only 6/7 items by now, and 17 sales in a couple of months, i don’t know maybe i sell 1 or 2 per week at the moment. Very very slow but i didn’t loaded any corporate tunes yet, because i know it will be buried in 30 minutes…so i don’t know if i am going to do that (i tried with happy item, it seems nobody sees it) also with Christmas…is it worth it?

Anyway i was lucky to sell 2 broadcast licenses in one week, and 4 sales in the same week but i think it’s just the case…the week after i sold 1 item…so i really don’t know :slight_smile:

Good luck!!

Depends on your needs, if 1 sale per is a level of your needs then its normal for you. Some authors are not satisfied with 300 sales per day on TF :wink:

I guess we all find our own “level”. In my case, I’ve come to expect about 1 sale per day, and I’m disappointed if I have a day with no sales. Usually there are no sales for me on a Sunday, and not many on a Saturday. Obviously if I had better music or more music, my expectations may one day increase to 2 sales per day. I just checked my totals; I got my “1 year of membership” badge yesterday, and between my two profiles (non-excl and excl) I have a total of 500 sales. But there have been some little periods with a burst of sales, so it still feels like a “normal” day includes 1 sale. I have literally had times when I went a whole week with NOTHING though.

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Hi! In total differently… Sales on a trace go only the first several months steadily on 1-2… and then absolutely vanish…

as a part-timer, trying to regularly upload at least a track a week, I’d say I’m at stage where it’s just les s than 1 sale a day. Not much, but every little helps.

But it totally fluctuates! Some months are randomly way better /way worse than others. Generally I’ve found if you keep the same consistent level of uploading for a few months the sales do creep up.


I recently on the market, but noticed the same trend.