A simple and honest question: Averagely how many sales do you have every day when uploading tracks regularly?

When trying to understand how well an author sells their tracks we have this data available:

  • When did the author register on AJ
  • The size of their portfolio
  • The number of sales
  • The dates of uploaded tracks
  • The badges

More often than not, this doesn’t necessarily show the real, big picture, since a lot of authors struggle in the beginning with rejections, some don’t upload very often, etc. Sure, we can go through the portfolio to analyze the dates to find out how often does the author upload and conclude how will we perform if we regularly start uploading tracks. But this can take a lot of time and effort and most likely it won’t be worth the effort.

So, I’m asking the authors to evaluate from their own experience how many sales have they had when uploading tracks regularly. Is it 2-3 sales? Maybe 5?

More importantly, I’d like to know what’s the answer for an average AJ author.

How regularly is regularly? For some, regularly is one track a week, for others one per day… you need to define this. Also, I doubt that you will get any usable information based on a handful authors. Some upload “regularly” and are selling nothing, others may make several sales per day, but maybe only from one single track that they made months ago, etc. etc…

Not sure how you want to arrive at any significant conclusion other than a “felt” number.

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Felt was a good band. :wink:

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