Regular uploading = sales?

I’m trying to understand a bit more about how AJ works.
Assuming uploads are of a good sellable type…

How dependent are sales on regular/weekly/fortnightly uploads?
If you were to stop uploading for 2-3 months would a good selling portfolio slowly disappear into the dusty archives and drop off in sales?
Is it (assuming good work) all about keeping a presence?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Yes it is all about keeping presence or at least you have external promotion.

Thanks for the reply. How often do you upload?

It is individual. I guess 1-2 uploads per week will be enough.

So I guess you do this full time?
I can only do this part time so I don’t upload very often.

You can for example look at the top artists list and see how even artists who have over 2000 sales can have the same total sales number for a year. They made their sales back in 2011-2012 and after that they finally ended up in a situation where none of their tunes are visibile in any searches and hence they don’t make a dime anymore.

My profile is currently rising 10-20 spots each month with just 60-70 monthly sales. All of the profiles that I pass are the same - 0-5 sales even when they have sold 2000 in total already.

As i said it is personal. Some people here can make good product for 1-2 days or even few hours some people need longer time for that. All depends from your skills and experience. It is all depends.

Are you saying that those that made sales back in 2011-2012 just gave up, or like yourself are generally slowing down with sales?
For most doing this full time then, apart from those at the top, it certainly isn’t giving a full time wage!

Their last upload is probably few years ago yes. Or they have only uploaded 1-2 new tunes a year which have stayed at 0-10 sales.

You have to ask yourself - how would any potential customer run into your tune and click buy button? Only normal means are either from the front page, or from the top lists or from search. From search the usual way is from the first result page where only handful of tunes are shown.

From this it follows that at any point in time there is really really small amount of tunes that get the main traffic. If your tunes are few years old, you won’t show up anywhere except for your own referral traffic.

I believe that here is only 3 things affect on sales:
1)Regular uploading
2)External promotion
3)Lucky position in search results.

And of course these things are working only if your items have good quality and big commercial potential.

Also decide for yourself:
a)trying to cover as many musical genres as you can.
b)focusing on one genre and producing music only in this one style.

Anyway, Good Luck with Sales!

a) is a good strategy - and do not clone others, be yourself as long you are authentic in this genre.


Visibility is the key. If you’re visible, you will sell.

1 - The one marketing strategy that actually works

2 - How to build a targeted mailing list


Could someone explain how the search engine works…

Does the search engine show date related files that cover the search engine keywords, so older tracks just don’t appear?

Do many buyers just search the popular or featured files list and don’t bother with a search?

Sorry if these are obvious questions but I don’t buy and don’t know how it really works :confused:

Only Envato knows how the search works “under the hood”. Previously it relied heavily on the tune name and focused on latest uploads. Currently it promotes more tunes that already have sold well. So the more you sell, the more you sell. Initial sales are more hard to get.

How does a new track get more chance than an older track, is it more visible?

Yes, the search results do somewhat show newer items before older, but the very first results tend to be the best sellers of the past month or two. Sometimes from older times as well depending on the situation. I’ve found the structure to be something like: first 10 results are best sellers and from that point onwards random newish items.

But very competitive searches are hard in regard to getting your tunes to show up. For example christmas is currently really hard search to gain sales from.

It’s pretty difficult to move up the ranks here then, unless you get on the featured page?

It requires quite a bit of luck yes. There are lots of great tunes that will stay in 0 sales. Then again most of the trending items are good tunes as well. So I’d say that bad tunes will definitely stay at 0 sales and excellent tunes might get lucky :slight_smile: But if you look at the top selling artists portfolios, you’ll see that even they have tunes that have only a couple of sales even when their previous items can have thousands. So even they have trouble. Nobody has excellent sales on most tunes. It’s normal in so saturated market.

In my opinion you should be careful when you think to go exclusive in one place only because you need to get quite a few sales before that exclusive percentage brings you more income than getting small amount of licences from many places. If best exclusive percentage brings you double the amount of income when compared to non exclusive percentage, you’d still get better overall income if you sell same amount of licences from three marketplaces for example. It all depends on your situation.

Oh well… what does one do… just keep going, if time and needs allow. It’s one way of hopefully earning something from making music!

I think of it like this - if you don’t put the tune up on any marketplace you’ll never get any income. If it’s out there you might get some. More is more.

I’ll let Yngwie Malmsteen tell how it is:

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