What's the optimum upload time... how often?


I have not been able to upload regularly, and wonder if it’s all or nothing with this game if you want to make good sales…
or reasonable sales?


There was some examples of the guys who uploaded only 5-6 tunes and made 1000+ sales.
If you can produce a really strong and usable, versatile and unique tune at the same time you might have a chance!
Good luck!


It is not all or nothing.
Just make sure that when you upload you do it correctly - a useable track, with proper title and description, post it wherever you can on social media without looking like a spammer and start praying.


“start praying”:joy: I think you are right cause there is important thing - approval day. If your item was approved later than thursday only prayers can help with sales))). I have some pretty strong items but was approved at weekends. And variable review time does not makes sales better. :unamused:


To be honest I don’t think there’s another reason people buy music besides this music is damn cool!
So it’s better to think about how to produce top-quality music but not about upload periodization.