How often you’re uploading?

Hey guys!

Just wanna ask you how many items do you upload per week?
And how does it correlates with sales nowadays in present situation and policy of Envato?


Hi @PrestoSound,

we upload 1 song / a week. New release = a significant growth in the traffic (this is our experience). It’s important to upload new items but I think you also have to concentrate to the quality of your submitted songs, so that’s why we don’t upload more than 1 song a week. In the beginning we uploaded 2 songs/week to get some extra views until we will be visible in the search engine but now we are more focused about learning online advertising. In my opinion that is the answer to get more traffic and sales and this is how we can keep up the quality and the diversity of our portfolio.

Layla from Team HoneyLoud

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5/6 items (music, pack, logo and kit) a week. I do this from December and for me it works well!
Now it’s holiday time!!! :slight_smile:

And this is improve the quality of sales you had before?

My goal is to upload 1 track per week, although I’m a track short after 4 weeks :shushing_face:

Maybe it’s not the only reason but yes my sales are improve.

3/4 items (music/ pack/ logo) per week if i feel :slight_smile:

I upload 50-100 tracks per day (I have premium membership) and 49-99 are rejected, why? Because I use Paul’s Extreme Time Strech in already made songs and I upload them! lol

Is there a premium membership where you can upload more tracks?

Elite membership doubles your upload limits.

What’s the threshold to become and Elite?

$75,000 in sales.

With sales at the moment I don’t think I’d achieve that in a life time, even if I uploaded 4 tracks a week.

I upload, 3 or 4 tracks maximum a weeks and 2 / 1 Minimum. It’s when I’m not inspired or too busy but my aim is to have always something to submit. SO my average is around 2 a week and It works well for me and my inspiration etc. But I do some edit on other website because it’s showed as 1 track, not as a main files like Aj ! So If I made 1 Underscore version, 1 30seconde etc etc. It will be 3 tracks not 1 :slight_smile:

It actually takes less than a minute:

  1. Set the price of one of your tracks to $75,000
  2. Self-purchase
  3. Congrats, you’re now Elite

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: j/k


It worked for me. Just got to pay back the bank loan.


So simple and so agility! +1 :sweat_smile: :+1: