from 30 allowed uploads a month to now only 2, why?

Hi all,
When I uploaded my last track to AudioJungle, it said I was allowed 30 uploads a month. Since then I have had another accepted track.
However, I have just uploaded a new track today and I am told I can only upload 2 tracks a month and on now only have one more upload this month.
Why has it gone from 30 to 2 a month yet the only activity since the last two uploads is an accepted track and 5 new sales?
Does anyone know?

Hello! Same problem! I have contacted support but have not received a response yet. Very bad situation and no feedback from envato guys.

a week has passed but there is still no answer from the envato support or forum administration!

Thank you SD_sound for your reply.

Well you are not alone! This is a bit of a hammer blow, I’m gutted to be honest.

Hopefully we get some clarity soon as it really doesn’t make sense.

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I saw this message too. If you have more than 50% of accepted tracks (per month) then it is strange if they only allowed 2 tracks per month.

Hi @EfficSounds, I’ll send you a DM about this.

Any future questions around your approval ratio should go through to support. @SD_sound, I see you have sent in a support request, thank you, they will be getting back to you soon about your approval ratio.


This has been announced a few weeks ago:

You can have more items in the queue if your approval rate is above 50%.