Submission Limit Changes for Music Authors

Please note: The information in this post is outdated, please see updated changes in this post.

Today we’re announcing a change to submission limits for music category items.

Recently we’ve slowly seen AudioJungle queues growing, and increased wait times means that it takes longer for you to publish your items and start earning.

Our goal with these changes is to make it a faster process for authors. These changes will mean that the items submitted are more likely to be approved, reducing the time and effort for both authors and reviewers.

How does it work?

Currently items in the music subcategory have submission limits based on the number of items in the review queue (5 for non-Elite authors, and 10 for Elite authors).

We are now moving to a time-based limit, grouped by approval ratio (rather than by Elite status). This means that approval ratios will be reassessed every calendar month, and be based on your last 20 music items submitted.

Approval Ratio Submission Limit
Authors with <50% 2 items p/m
Authors with >=50% 30 items p/m

The monthly submission limit reset is also based on Melbourne time (AEDT/AEST), so keep this in mind when uploading your tracks. For example, an item uploaded on the last day of the month in Europe may count towards the next month’s limit if it’s done in the evening.

The limits above have been chosen to ensure that most authors won’t notice much of a difference with this change - apart from faster approval and shorter review queue times!

To check your limit, you’ll be able to visit the upload section in your account which will state how many items you can upload this month (shown in the image below).

The limits may change as we find the right balance for Envato and the community, and we will update you with any substantial changes.

Please note: The other audio categories, such as music packs, music kits, logos and idents are not changing. They will continue to use the current submission limits based on review queue and Elite status.

How can I improve my approval ratio?

Your approval ratio is based on how many items you submit versus how many of those submitted get approved. So the aim is have the majority of items you submit be approved. It’s worth noting that soft rejections do not count against your approval ratio, only hard rejections do.

With this in mind, the best way to improve your approval ratio is to think carefully about what you’re uploading, and only submit your best items. For more information read up on our music quality requirements. Our wonderful community is also a great place to get feedback, so use these forums to say hello and ask questions!

The changes will come into effect later this week.


That’s some nice news and it came for me just when I needed it! I would like this to start immediately as I want to upload more cause I already submitted 5.

Good work Envato!


I would be glad if similar measures were introduced for sound effects.


I agree!


This will help reduce the amount of substandard music on the platform. I guess?


This will really help improve the quality of the market. Great news!


Something new, something interesting ) good luck with improving!

This is a very cool innovation that our market needs! We’ve seen too much junk content before and so long time waiting period. In order to compete on an equal footing with other stocks, the quality bar must be raised. Today’s innovation is a small step for one music department, but a very correct example for the entire Envato market!

:fire: :fire: :fire:


Hi @steve_lam ! Thanks for moving forward! I thinks it’s good idea and right step, but 30 items looks like very big quantity. It’s mostly good for copypasters, not for authors who work with quality. And also I think that every limits update will not take full effect until many old authors steel have multiply accounts. To solve problem of market oversaturation most effective step will be to disable upload to multiply accounts (allow to upload only to 1 account) and to keep maximum limit a little bit lower than 30 items (10-15 I thinks is ok) :slight_smile:
I hope that all future steps will improve Envato to be better! :sunglasses:


Great news;-)

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Very good for experienced aurhors but it closes doors for new unexpienced but with potential for growth authors. Many expirienced authors here had chance to grow in start of AJ career buy uploading many tracks and quantity turned into quality. So hard times for newbies like me. But we should struggle


AJ is already oversaturated with mediocre and submediocre products. This change will balance towards quality submissions and less approval time.Already the review time climbed up to half of the month . The new lockdown that most probably will come, will make things even worse.Hope that the quality requirements will be raised, too. Good change ! Maybe some low limit price will discourage the bulk composers too.Great job.


I think this is a good innovation! Thank you!

Another question: How many days will the check queue be reduced?

Isn’t thirty submissions per author too much for the reviewers? I would think that this would put review times in the tank. I doubt that the reviewers can keep up(unless you hired more staff). Another concern is;we can only have two items submitted in a month if we have three out of five rejected, kinda seems harsh and unfair. I always try to keep my quality at AJ’s standerds but there no gurantees whether a reviewer approves that or not. Not just speaking for myself, I’ve seen great tracks that were rejected and posted on these forums. I understand the logic behind this decision but how is thirty tracks per month against two tracks a fair ratio? Can you guarentee that the review length will be twice as fast? since I might only be able to submit half as much(depending on reviews), if so, than that’s fair. If not, going to have re-evaluate adding new tracks to AJ and might switch marketplaces. Thanks for keeping the marketplace fresh, I guess.



What about new clear account. What is the download limit for new acc.? 2, 30 items?


Authors who manage to publish 30 tracks in a month and get approved have surely nailed the creation and submission process. I personally would find it impossible to submit 30 quality items in a calender month but the key is consistent submissions and only posting the best rather than mediocre content to be successful. For too long now there has been really substandard and the proof has been the large amount of “My item has been rejected - feedback needed”. I understand that it may be difficult for some to guage their item in terms of quality but many unsuccessful submissions claim to be based on already successful tracks in production but unfortunately some authors cannot differentiate between quality and mediocre at best.
I await your criticism and anger…


Let’s see what happens :slightly_smiling_face:

Most authors would find it impossible… unless you’re copy-pasting your own tracks.

I really don’t understand this 30 item limit. Don’t understand who it’s targeted to, don’t understand how it will decrease the queue.


Looks like “2 items” is simply “prohibitive measures”, and “30 items” is “maximum favored author treatment”.