Music Submission Limits Update

Last month we introduced new submission limits for music items on AudioJungle. We’ve been closely monitoring the results and, as many Authors have noticed, the review queue times have continued to increase.

While many Authors have suggested that the limit of 30 items is too high, we haven’t been seeing Authors contributing more content than before - with 90% of Authors submitting 7 items or less a month.

What we’ve actually seen is a steady increase in new Authors coming on board and submitting items. This means that reducing the 30 item limit won’t have the desired effect.

We’ve also seen a 25% increase in Authors with an approval ratios of >50% submitting content, with the majority of that coming from Authors with 90%+ approval ratio! These Authors are not individually submitting more than before though. We’ve also seen a 40% reduction in content from Authors with an approval ratio <50%. We think this is a great result but we know we need to do more.

With all this great new content, it’s even more important that we help Authors get that content through review and selling as quickly as possible to their customers!

With the above in mind, we’re going to be increasing the submission limit approval ratio to 70% starting midnight tonight AEDT, 1st December.

Approval Ratio Submission Limit
Authors with <70% 2 items p/m
Authors with >=70% 30 items p/m

Based on the first month’s data, we’re expecting this change to be the best next step in reducing the review queue wait times.

As before, you can still check your limit by visiting the upload section in your account and we’ll continue to monitor the queues and update you with any substantial future changes.


Hi @steve_lam and thanks for your work, I really appreciate it! :slight_smile: I will give a little feedback here.

To be honest it’s not surprising. I think that now many non-elite authors may upload more than 5 tracks which was the limit for them before. On the other hand many rookies find it hard to pass this 50% limit and upload less. And also I am curious about the number of logos, packs and kits after the submission rules change, maybe it has increased? That’s what I prognosticated in the last “submission rules change topic”.

I said it too in the last post. I have no idea why limit was raised to 30 items. It’s not possible to keep a 15-30 high quality original new tracks per month for a long time. Maybe in the future some authors would try to combine their forces and make little production music houses but I am not sure if that’s what Envato tries to introduce (not mentioning if this would be positive or not for both sides).

Those limitations will discourage new authors from staying with Envato. They will of course upload new tracks but they will rarely stay active for such a long time to become a valuable high quality member with >70% ratio. As an effect there will be huge amount of dead profiles with only few tracks with single sales, no active client support, no value for the community.

In other words lots of totally new authors will upload few new tracks as a test. This will clog up the queue like before. AudioJunglee will go further in the direction of some kind of an experiment for the amateurs who have nothing to lose (and without optimistic perspectives to quickly pass the limit). I am not sure if we want this.

I would prefer to review new author before allowing him to upload tracks. Or at least an invitation system. With higher submission limits of course.

BUT I have to say that those changes can be profitable for many old authors, especially top sellers, including me. It’s because there will be small number of professional talented composers who will want to stay with us for a long time. Less active competition is always ok for old authors though I am not sure if that’s right thing to do in a long term. I said this too in the last post.

I think that increasing limit will decrease review queue BUT it will have much bigger impact on the other fields mentioned above. I am happy that this will limit saturating the market but I am worried about the potential long term decrease of the market creativity.

I am not sure if that’s the best way to decrease review queue. And I do not understand this huge jump from 2 items to 30.

Even though I am happy that finally something is happening in this matter.


Would it be possible for contributors to see their approval ratio? It could be one of the stats that makes up the “Fun Facts” section of your profile.


Which begs the question: what’s the point of this 30 item limit?
I understand that reducing this number won’t have much impact on the review queue wait time, but why have such a high number in the first place? What’s the point of 30, other than accommodate shenanigans?


30 items a month is a glut of the market, an increase in check queues is definitely bad, especially when it comes to CopyPaste tracks. This is probably the main problem.

Do you follow such authors? Are you taking any action against such violations?

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Although I have open my account a year ago my first item has been accepted this November after a bunch of refections and I think it has to do with the fact that is a corporate track. For me as an amateur author in audiojungle this could be pretty bad to increase my portfolio with different genres. Now I am afraid to upload something that who know if will be accepted. I think many new authors will feel something like this: “If AJ accepted my corporate track let’s make a bunch of them then” . What I am trying to say is that this could have a bad impact on the varierity of songs.

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For my opinion, this not make any changes on time reviewing…we will not see lower than 18th days

Hi, @steve_lam and Envato team, last month I had a limit of 2 tracks for upload (don’t know why, because a few tracks before an introduction of new limits were approved). So, I uploaded two tracks and they were approved in November. A few minutes ago I checked my upload limits for a new month and they are still 2 tracks/per month. Could you check my profile? It is the same at the AJ - SwanMusicStudio. My approval ratio is 100% in November. Thank you!


Hi @steve_lam! Thanks for improving and to trying to do Envato better.
I think new idea to update approve rate are great! (except 30 times - it’s have any sense and will stimulate copypasters with good approve rate).
I think that main problem of all good improvements that “holes” remain. For example when Envato introduce limits a few years ago Envato didn’t forbade multiply accounts. Consequently 90% authors registered multiply accounts (2, 3 and more account). And nothing have changed or changed very less…
I hope that this time you will find solution that will close all the holes in system! ) There are many authors that always can share some interestings ideas how to improve system and do Envato better!
Thanks for your work and improvements!

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There is easy way to fix situation. Trusted update already implemented here, you can free from this ridiculous waiting time all authors, with approval rate close to 100%. And no new authors (@RedOctopus gave good ideas about reviews for newcomers) OR sufficient limiting access to new one. We are suffering from unpredictable review time. You crafted your track for 2-3 days and bingo, it’s released on Sunday. Because when you uploaded it you thought it would be Thrisday. Almost zero views, especially in light of search engine which favours cheap tracks. As you see from your numbers, authors with high approval rate do not tend to place cloned garbage here, because they LOVE their job and reputation and know what quality means. Now we need to wait 13,14, than 15,19 days to place our music. Let’s implement for those trusted review. Guys, are you know we have huuuuge community here and on other social platforms, discussing all this initiatives? Why you simply can’t listen? Most of your initiative A. Too late B. Predictable negative resullt for some of this initiatives. So as you see, implementation of such scheme of aproval felt in both categories. But better later than never. P. S. Years before we asked with loud voice about ID check, limiting submission, regulating the flood of rookies, etc, you can count. Glad to see some of those ideas implemented, but… Too late. Most of problems would be illuminated, if you create so called “focus group” of those who selling well, long time staying here and have good quality portfolio. Test your ideas on them, discuss it BEFORE.


Most of this holes easily visible if Envato tried to consult before with selected group of experienced authors. They did not.

Hi @LumenMedia . Although I agree with 99% of everything you said, I believe some things could make things worse. I do realize I have little or no right ( only one year of experience in the AJ market, so yes, I am considering myself a rookie ). My previous music producer experience does not count in the present discussion since is not an administrative field and makes it arbitrary. Yes, the market is flooded with junk and copy-paste items, shadow authors, underpriced selling media. But the idea of one focus group based on well-established authors is not quite a solution in my opinion. Is human nature that authors with a big repertoire to defend themselves and get rid of any kind of competitors. That is not an accusation whatsoever. It’s basically impossible to maintain the necessary degree of objectivity.

I’ve submitted two songs in November and both have been accepted, why still I have the limit of two songs in December?
Thank you!

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Agree with you. As a solution this group can consist of various authors, representing newbies too. Nothing bad here. The main idea here - Author Engagement Team need to start communication with, well, authors who affected by upcoming changes.


Same here…

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Now, that’s radical!

I know. During my very long and fruitful journey with Envato i participated in only one test of upcoming features (discount setting) and few polls. That’s all. I believe not many of us had more interviews and tests. Creating focus group of authors is great tool to optimize Envato resources.

@LumenMedia. Agree. Let’s say I agree with this. For the sake of objectivity. Now please remove yourself (hypothetically, of course) from the elite authors’ group, and imagine yourself that you are a new author, joining the AJ market. How would you see this? There is a group of authors who decides what is wrong with you. ( repertoire, price, number of items approved, etc ) .Under what authority and expertise? Musically? I really doubt that. Of course, it may apply, obviously, for real beginners. Administrative? Maybe, but this should be an AJ board commission that is fully entitled to do that. So all that remains is the subjectivity that I previously mentioned. Some people will remove you, or your media, in order to make theirs more visible, better, or else. Please indulge my judgment, is nothing personal. I am a disgruntled author as well, who has his doubts, fears, fighting each day to feed my family, paying bills and stuff. Excuse my big, idiotic mouth :slight_smile:

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@SwanMusicStudio, @MVMusicProduction

The rate is based on your 20 most recently submitted tracks, not 2.

Read carefully.