Submission limit! I need help and clarification especially from the Envato staff.

Dear friends and Envato staff!
As you all know, last month Envato introduced a monthly download limit for tracks. To my great joy, I was among those who can load 30 tracks, to be more precise it was 29 tracks at that time. Such information was displayed under the music category downloads window in my author dashboard. But with the beginning of November, my counter was updated to two tracks p/m. I would like to know why? I have downloaded one track since the changes were made and this track is still in queue for approval now (I did my best to write tracks very diligently and responsibly to stay in the “30 tracks p/m” club)! During this period there were no rejects! Please, I need help and clarification especially from the Envato staff. If I understand correctly without having rejections in this period, I should be in the 30 tracks a month category. Is not it? This situation really upsets me, if not to say that it kills me!

Strange!? The passage to November still allows me 30 tracks!??


Sounds like you should open a support ticket to see why you’ve fallen into the 2 upload/month category. From your explanation, it sounds like you should still be eligible for the 30 submission limit.

With it being a new system, it might just be a glitch that needs correcting. I dunno.
Sorry that happened, SD - hope it gets sorted.