Uploading limit again

I had 10 tracks accepted this month,
and 4-5 rejected,
why I’m uploading 2 tracks this month?

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Your approval rate needs to be 70%+ so I guess you’re just under it unfortunately

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I have a similar situation. I have uploaded 2 tracks and 2 tracks have been approved (100% approved), but I still cannot upload more than 2 tracks.

I think the system looks back at your last 20 submitted items if I remember it correctly.

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hmm… this is a little weird. I don’t remember that in the news about the uploading limit, it was written.
As I understand it (possibly wrongly), if 2 out of 2 tracks are approved, then 10 can be uploaded next month.

You’ll have to check the original two topics. It’s either 2 or 30 in the limit, not 10.

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oh, thank you.Yes, I was wrong not 10, but 30 tracks. You are probably right about the fact that the system checks approvals not for a month, but for a certain number of submitted tracks.

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Which is weirder is in October I could upload 30 tracks,
2 days ago the upload was closed although I’ve only uploaded 15 tracks this month.

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I’ve been there once. It’s hard to climb out of it but I did it. Just only upload very good work. If you’re not 100% sure I wouldn’t take a chance because for every rejected track you go deeper in the negative balance. Good luck!


Let me tell you something about “the good work” I’ve uploaded like 7 sentimental piano tracks and all got accepted and the best one in the mix and sounds got rejected which is odd.
too much confusion about the quality standards.

I’m just giving you a tip from experience, no need to defend yourself. Sometimes the best work doesn’t mean it’s suitable for this place. And yes the reviewers decide but that’s what we’re all facing.