Your frequency of uploadings new items

Hello guys!
How often do U upload new items for sale?
Does the frequency of uploadings items depend on the frequency of sales?
What do U think how often do U need upload them for regular high level of purchases?

I try and upload as frequently as possible to maintain an existence to the marketplace…also depends on how creative I am with anything new submit! :smile:

Once or Twice a week i think. But, its quality over quantity :smile:

Obviously, the more items you have online, the more traffic you gain. Getting more sales, however, is another story and more than anything else depends on the quality and marketability of your items.

I’ve found (in my case) that the items I’ve dedicated more thought and labor into sell more (much more) per time invested than for items “of lesser value” made in less time. I tried for some time to churn out 1 or 2 tracks a day just to “stay visible” but lately (past 6 months) I’ve found more reward by working at least 2 days on a track.

Given how rare it is to see a track sell that is older than a few weeks, I highly doubt the effect of item exposure “leaking” onto other items in my portfolio. That may of course be due to my portfolio being quite varied and spanning several different genres. A buyer of one of my items may not always find my other items being suitable for the same purposes. However, if you are focusing your portfolio and working to create a niche brand, your mileage may vary.

I’m just saying uploading a “mediocre” track will not likely give more exposure to any “better” track I uploaded a year ago. Quality does win over quantity in that sense. Of course, if all your tracks are equally good, no real need to wait ages between uploads. :sunglasses:

Just don’t upload all your stuff on the same day, as you may find some days (and times of days) are better than others to get approval. It’s a game of chance to some degree, and there’s a good point in not carrying all your eggs in the same basket.

A “regular high level of purchases” is not likely to appear until you have at least 10-20 items that stand out from the crowd. For me it took about 100 uploads before I saw signs of continuity, and 80% of my sales still come from the top 20% of my items.



wow, realy helpful information, thank you very much!!!

Very detailed and helpful answer I think! Thanks for sharing this…

1-2 per month :blush:

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I probably try to upload something once per month, whether or not it gets approved is an entirely different matter…

one in 2 months, maybe… that’s why i have 0 sells in a month:)

I try to load every day, because now is it my main job. Begin to make composition early at morning and finish about at 4 am (approximately). I sleep about 3-4 hours a day. Rhythm is very hard for me, thats why i do not always abide by it, but the result is evident!

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2-3 every month

I don’t get any chance to upload anything at the moment. I would like to. But don’t have the time to do it. Last one was about 2 months ago and one about a month before that. If anything, I have to deplete or subtract from my portfolio most of the time which is why it’s so small.

Trying for 2-3 per week.

Started in August with nothing and now have 20 tracks with three waiting for approval.

I try to keep 3-4 in the waiting line.

4-6 per week, because i’m trying to catch up for the time this year I’ve been spending just developing my skills and just uploading 4 per month. Going to do this until I reach 150 tracks, then I tone it back to 3 per week

why just 150?

oh i mean 150,000 sorry


I try 1 per week, but day job plus newborn plus toddler makes even that level super-challenging :smile: Still, its the goal!

wow you guys are so frequent. I only upload everytime I have a new piece, which is like near 1 every 1 or 2 months! dang it!

In average I upload 2-3 per week, but most of the time its one each day for some weeks and then some weeks without uploading anything.

Guys - machine guns ! :joy: If I have had more time I could to upload max 2-3 full tracks per week, but in hard reality it’s much less :unamused: Sometimes I wonder to drop all other production and go into full creative work at AJ, but life dictates its own rules of the game :unamused:

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