Meet our Community Superstars for September

###Many congratulations to our September community superstars!

##Loopus for creating the amazing virtual community Leaf City!


##Stockwaves for sharing helpful author advice on focusing on quality over quantity.


Many congratulations to our latest superstars, your Community superstar badge has been awarded, be sure to wear it with pride! :star:

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Many congratulations again to our latest superstars! :slight_smile:

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Congrats to the superstars :wink:

Wow ! Thank you very much to the community ! :blush:

Congrats Community Super Stars!

Congratulations! :smiley:

Thanks mates! My shiniest badge yet :sunglasses:

A little “inspirational” weekend speech now…

I’m really glad my posts about quality vs. quantity didn’t go totally unnoticed. It should be in everybody’s interest to bring the best game to the table. Individually of course, but also for this community as a whole. We don’t wake up every morning, have our breakfast and turn on the computer just to fiercely compete with the guy next to us. We fiercely compete with the WORLD. Authors and their items will always be compared to the very best in their field. Let’s BE the best. Let’s ALL be the best. Even if we think we can get away cheaply with a little SEO tactics, hyper-inflated multi-items, mass production schemes or copy-paste manoeuvres from time to time, it’s quite obvious it’s never going to compare with thought through, well-crafted originality. It’s quite obvious!

If we fill this marketplace with mediocrity, mediocrity is what we’ll get. We don’t want that! Do we??? NO!!! We want magic!!! YES!!! We want gold!!! YES!!! We want domination!!! YES!!!

Content is king and we all share the power!!! :trophy:



Congrats guys :smile: well deserved

Congrats guys! So when does Leaf City launch? I’m excited to see how that turns out

Congrats, guys! Well deserved! :slight_smile:

@digitalscience : The alpha version is available.
For the moment, I make a break in my work on it, to develop a new plugin for CodeCanyon .
After, I will return to the development of Leaf City. I must add more activities and improve some existing elements.

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