Leaf City - A virtual city for Envato community - Need testers for Alpha version


I would like to present the project I’m working on for months: http://www.leaf-city.com/ .
This is a virtual city where members of Envato community can interact in real time.
For now the graphics are minimalist (and cubic). I currently focus my work on the technical structure of the project (which should, in the final release, be able to host hundreds of users).

I’m looking for a few dozen testers for the first alpha version, which will be ready in a few days (then, gradually, it will be open to more people).
If you want to try it, and are ready to make me reports of encountered bugs and suggestions (there is a tool for that in the application), please register on the site (direct link here), and I will send an email as soon as the alpha will be ready.
If you are an author, your shop will be added to the city after registration.
All users have a house and a private meeting room, where they can share media and url in real time .

The main features are already developed. I will improve the content and will add new things based on your feedback.

Here are example of possible activities for users :

  • explore the city walking through the different districts
  • visit the shops of different authors and discover products from themeforest.net, codecanyon.net, graphicriver.net and audiojungle.net
  • discuss with other users in a park or a pub
  • invite friends in their private apartment
  • have job meetings with their associates in their private meeting room
  • share pictures, files and url in real time using the TV of the meeting room
  • manage their friends and propose them a teleportation
  • save any location in their favorite areas
  • interact with other users using a large number of fun animations
  • authors can sit to the counter of their own shop, and answer questions from their visitors

If you don’t want to be a tester, but are interested in a such virtual city for our community, do not hesitate to say it : it is important for me to know if the project interests you.
You can find more information on the website : http://www.leaf-city.com/ .

I hope you enjoy it !


Signed up. Seems interesting! :smiley:

Thank you Sam ! You are the 7th registered tester .

I finalize some features, and when I will have a few dozen registered testers I will launch the alpha.
I will send you an email as soon as it is ready.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

Signed up too! Looks interesting and funny :slight_smile:

Super, thanks guys !

It’s interesting, I’m in :smile:

Can you steal cars, kill people and/or build stuff?

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lol no, it is not the idea . You should try GTA instead :wink:

lol thank you :smile:
A casino, I don’t know, but if the project is successful, I’d add arcade games, to play with other users (eg. in bars).

Looks interesting, I’ll sign up!

Thanks Theme Paradise !

Count me in

I’m curious and registered :smile:

I’m in and set to move further

Wow, thanks guys :+1:
I am very happy that you like this project !

i am new here but would love to explore it

Hello vendbradshaw ,
No problem, simply register here : https://api.envato.com/authorization?response_type=code&client_id=leaf-city-utjrfpqe&redirect_uri=http://www.leaf-city.com/
You will receive an email as soon I will launch the alpha version .
Thanks :smile:

Even taking into account the lack of car stealing, fighting, construction, alien environments, gambling, space travel and a singles club… I think this is an excellent and very interesting idea. I guess you can always add those things later.

lol, I love your inspiration. I will try to add fun stuff over time .
Thank you a lot SpaceStock :blush:

We are now 20 testers :+1:
Thank you to everyone, it is very important for the development of this project to test with multiple users connected from everywhere in the world.
I expect that there are over 60 registered testers to launch the first alpha version.
It should arrive soon :slight_smile: