#EnvatoBelgrade meetup


Hi #EnvatoBelgrade attenders :smile:

We wanted to ask about the Envato Belgrade Meetup, as we came in beautiful city of Belgrade for this event, @damirkotoric already confirmed our RSVP but there is no information about the location, we’ve also checked the #EnvatoMeetup in old forum but the event location is unclear.

Hope somebody can give us any information about this event.



Hi Laborator. I’ve just sent you the details via email.



Thank you very much @damirkotoric

See you there


Thanks Damir! It was a great session! We got a good party time with Laborator team in the clubs :smile:now we got big hangover!))))


@RedLionProduction @Laborator Hahaha :joy: :joy: Hope you RedLions and Laborators enjoyed your stay in Belgrade. For me it was a really great pleasure to spend the afternoon in the beautiful Skadarlija with such great people. Thanks @damirkotoric, your first meetup was awesome, I look forward to the next :wink:


My pleasure. Glad you enjoyed it. I hope we’ll see each other again.