Congrats to February's 2019 Community Superstar 🌟

It’s been a while but we’re happy to kickstart our Community Superstar program. We have so many awesome members of our community and we really want to highlight the things you do!

So I’m excited to announce February’s Community Superstar @CocoBasic


CocoBasic has been a member of our community for two years and is successful ThemeForest author with a perfect 5 star rating :smiley:

CocoBasic is always super helpful on the forums and is always quick to give an answer. From helping customers find the support they need to aiding new users become authors, your hard work is very much appreciated.

We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge and thank you for all your hard work! :tada: :star2:


Congrats CocoBasic :tulip::tulip::tulip:

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Congratulations, it’s an attractive badge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Happy for you mate :slight_smile:

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I wake up in the morning and I realize that I’m famous - a Superstar :slight_smile:

Thank you @KingDog and thanks to Envato and to all people who has worked hard to give us such a great place which has changed my life. Each day I am trying to make our community a better place and to make people happy.

Thank you one more time and I hope we will work together for a long time.




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hardworking and successful man


Great achievement, congratulations, @CocoBasic! :beers:

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Congrats @CocoBasic! :trophy:

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Wow! Congrats! :metal:

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