Congrats to Community Superstar for October 2019! ⭐

A big congratulations to our newest Community Superstar @themepunch


In their over 7 years of being an author, ThemePunch has provided highly-customizable and easy to use items not only for customers but for other authors as well, including their famous Revolution Slider.

But it’s not just for their great items that they’re our Superstar. ThemePunch really knows how to deliver quality support right here on the forums.

While the authors are certainly active on the forums, you may not realize that the vast majority of traffic coming into the forums is from customers. That means a lot of customers are looking at the forums for help on items they’ve purchased or looking for recommendations on what they should buy.

Using our handy saved search alert, authors like ThemePunch have been able to be alerted any time their items are mentioned on the forums and have been quick to offer support or direct the customer on how to get support. This looks great in customers eyes and builds confidence for subsequent searchers!

Here’s what ThemePunch had to say themselves:

We appreciate being selected “Community Superstar” a great time and our whole team at ThemePunch feels honoured!

We know many companies let community work take a back seat to the daily demands of running a business. For us the community around our plugins and the Envato Marketplaces in general plays a major role.

It became a vital part of our support jobs to show the community that we really care for them by being available if they have all kinds of questions.

Cheers from Your Team @ ThemePunch

Congratulations @themepunch and their team of @ThemePunch-Support-K and @ThemePunch-Support-I :tada::tada::tada: We hope you enjoy your awesome Community Superstar badge!