Meet our Community Superstar for August!

###Many congratulations to our latest Community Superstar, abstract-labs!


Abstract-labs has been super active and incredibly helpful in the new forums since we launched last month. There’s nothing like diving into the deep end with new product launches and abstract-labs has not only dived into our new forum software bust has been swimming lengths quite beautifully!

With over 100 posts already, he’s received 35+ “likes” for his friendly responses and help. Thanks so much for embracing the new forums and helping fellow community members along the way, @abstract_labs, these kind of things never go unnoticed! :thumbsup:

###Remember to vote!

Did you know that our superstars are voted and suggested by our very own community? Make sure your voice counts! Nominate a fellow community member via our nomination form on any day of the month! We want to hear who you think deserves to be our next community superstar!

Many congratulations again to our latest superstar! :slight_smile:


Ta-daa!!! New badge :smile:

Thank you very much @scottwills, Envato and fellow authors! :beers:


Nice photo, I should be next to Scott in your photo :wink:, shouldn’t I ?

Done! :smiley:

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Congratulations @abstract_labs! Well deserved and a nice little picture on your reply :smiley:

Keep up the great work though :sunglasses:

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