Is it normal to just get one sale per track?

I’m about a month into creating my Audiojungle account, and so far I’ve noticed that for almost every track I upload, it gets one sale within the first few hours, and then nothing ever again lol.

Is this typical for a newcomer or…?

This is probably because people are seeing the item on the front page when it gets approved. It will only be on the front page for that day, and then it is lost in the vast ocean of similar tracks which is Audiojungle. You then have to hope your track turns up in the questionable search engine.

It’s a bit of a gamble, but the best way to work on Audiojungle is to not worry about sales and pump out as much quality music as you can. It won’t happen in a day, week, even a month or year (unless you are very lucky), but eventually, sales will come.

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“Questionable search engine”… Haha, I like that… I am beginning to question its system, myself.

Thanks for your advice, I will take it on board and continue to upload quality music without obsessing too much about sales.

That’s the spirit!

I like your portfolio, cool music. Keep on keepin on!


Great portfolio!
I’m new to audiojungle as well.
I guess it’s a survival game here. Very crowded.

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