What is wrong with my music?

Hello! I have a question, maybe somebody can help me.
I make music for audiojungle a few month and i uploaded 15 items for now, but i’ve got only 5 sales, 3 of them on 1 item. I see new accounts with same numbers of items or less and they have a lot more sales than me. I think maybe there is a problem with my music. Maybe with sound or quality? Something wrong with mixing or maybe with harmonies, melodies, structures? Or maybe it’s normal for newbies and there is no reasons of so low sales?


Hi! The competition is huge, you have 15 tracks, which are not very different from the many thousands of tracks here. Try to write something that is more “other” exclusive.


This question is rather strange to ask here.

Good luck!


Thank you for reply. I’ll try. Many people make similar music here and have a good sales.

Maybe, but why not.


I meant that with a small portfolio like yours (only 15 tracks) there is no need to wait sales. You need to increase your portfolio. :wink: The fact that you have no sales is quite logical. :wink:

Few. It is better to upload 15 items in 1 month, then the result may be. :wink:
When I just started working with AJ, I upload tracks for the first year almost at full time (8-12 items per month).
Just some friendly advice! :wink:


Ok, i understand. Thanks for advice :slight_smile:
I’ll try to make more music.
I see a lot of profiles have good sales with 10-30 items, witch was uploaded in a 3-6 month. Because of this i thought it might be a problem with the music i make. I mean quality or something like that. But if it’s all about quantity, then that’s not a problem at all.

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You are a great writer and musician. However, you are feeling the effects of millennials and Gen-Z. You have 9 seconds. Your great son had a 16 measure A section. You lost them. They never heard most of a great song.

I suggest you take the same song and start at measure 17. It grabs the attention and builds. Then take all of the initial segments and cut them to a half or a quarter of what they are. Let the song build to a groove like the one you started with. Add the initial section that drives be at the end and add some of the strings back in to close. The same song remixed. Then take these concepts and apply to more of your music. God Bless. Keep moving forward. Best wishes.


Hey wait, man, are you not aware of that bright and fancy banner that is on top that its about $15 a month subscription? Welcome to the club! If you were about to start 5 years ago you would have much more sales believe me! I had some times were I was earning X amount and now I earn 1/100 of them!!!

It’s hard nowadays, things have passed to a subscription model, and higher commercial authors are only included in that. So it’s a strange time to speak about this. Just keep doing your best! <3


Thank you for reply. Yes, i understand, that now is not best time in this industry for authors. Unfortunately for mе, i found out about stock music only this year.
How to delete topic on this forum? I understood, that all i can do is keep going on and make more music and there is no point in this topic.

its good to keep it, as more authors feel like you

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I’m new here so since you didn’t leave a link to the music I can’t give my two-cents (clicking on your name apparently only brings up your comments and not your music).

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You can write my name in the search of AJ. My AJ account has the same name.

I would try to build a portfolio of more original music. There are a million corporate tracks and a lot of competition. Do you have some unique strenghts as a musician and composer? Try to find a style thats your own, while still having in mind that it should be useful for videomakers, YouTubers and so on. And make sure that when you do get sales you earn some real money and not just pennies.


Sorry AJ I can’t figure it out. I went to the upper right and chose search and get this in reply:

Your search term is too short.

I would like to hear what “industry” has deemed as not good enough because I’m curious. Can you not just include a link here?

I inserted link on my profile in the first post, but the moderator deleted it because it’s violation of forum rules. Write in the search bar on audiojungle.net “PeterKolaiko” and you will find my profile.

Thanks for reply. Yes, i try to find my own style in stock music and try to make music in different styles, not only corporate, but few my corporate tracks have sales, so i make it too.

If my memory serves correct, Uplifting Inspiring Corporate reminds me of Uplifting Corporate Pack but the Uplifting Corporate Pack is better.

In fact, I went back to hear Uplifting Corporate Pack and liked it (the first track anyway).

This one is not (something)…I give it 2 or 3 out of 5

Hey I just found time to get back on here. Did you get all my emails (I sent one email per track but was shocked to find that one of the replies appears to have made it to this forum…not sure how or why because I responded directly to your email that had the link).
Did you get them all?
Also, check this out, your best track is missing here (but I listened to it in the link you sent): https://audiojungle.net/item/uplifting-corporate-pack/28188579?_ga=2.145194804.1250541252.1599692833-1266006537.1599367231&_gac=1.40526486.1599373461.EAIaIQobChMIhoqxodvT6wIVw8DACh387QMKEAMYASAAEgL-v_D_BwE

Hey Peter,
Let me know that you received all the email replies. This was the first one:

****Start reply #1
I will respond to the songs as I listen to them.

[Fashion Technology Glitch Dubstep](I can’t post the url to this track here?)

I liked this one but thought it might have been nicer if at 2:46 (the startup right after the first silence spot) there would have been the girl saying something else to break it up or if she were to say “ugggghhhh…something else sexy”. But liked the beat.

Also, is it possible to lower the overall volume so that every now and then there is a distinguishing pop of the bass (without any clipping of course)?

I would give this one a 4 out of 5

****This is BEFORE I figured out what the lady-voice was covering your tracks (and before I figured out they weren’t songs but tracks).

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So…the COMMUNITY feels I’m pushing promotions…right.

Try to work harder.

Focus on track quality first. And then, while maintaining the quality, increase the quantity. Good luck.

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