Not making any sales?

I’ve uploaded a few tracks but haven’t made any real sales.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m looking for some hard critics for what I’m doing wrong, or not doing and where I should focus.


Hello mechanism-music, I have listened to your portfolio and you are not doing anything wrong but you need to create items that stand out from an increasingly over populated crowd. Ask yourself what would make my work interesting to a potential buyer to use without being self-indulgent. Sales are like gold dust on Audio Jungle and creating highly useable tracks is key to sales. If you would like you could send me a track with stems and midifile to collaborate on one of your tracks. I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination but here to help within our audio community. IMHO :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply gballx. I agree that tracks must stand out, but do they get heard in the first place?

Thanks for the offer to collaborate, I’ll keep that in mind, maybe for a later date :slight

Just do what you like to do best and add a little commercial touch to it. My question is: what kind of music did you make before AJ?

Progressive/pop rock 70’s style

First of all in your portfolio only 8 tracks)
To made real sales you need to create high quality portfolio with a lot of tracks in a different styles. Good luck!)

well, I don’t see any of that in your portofolio. I’m not saying: “you should start selling 70s progressive pop rock on AJ”(although it would’n be a bad idea :slight_smile: but use your knowledge and experience in this style, adapt it and make something new you enjoy.

Best of luck!

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IMO your tracks are simply not good enough to sell more. Your last 4 tracks are basically a variation of one and the same track, they sound dated, are musically boring and production wise average at best. If you want to compete in that genre you really need to work on all aspects of production and composition. Or, like other say, just do what you like best and hope to get a seller going one day.

Ok, I asked for hard critics and your comments could well be the reason, I do probably need to improve in all areas.

I quite often look at the portfolios of those that comment but I could not find yours, could you add a link please?

I haven’t listened to your tracks because I don’t really listen to tracks much anyway.
But if your tracks are indeed not good enough, the same variation of a track, musically boring and average production wise, how the hell did they get through QC?
If you’re worried about what others think, do what everyone else does round here. Copy!

Yes I assume… passed QC = professional

Listen, All you have to do is pass QC. Forget about everything else.

This is an RF library site. This is not an exclusive where they want specific HQ tracks done in an album format.

The way to sell on an RF site is to build your numbers. The more tracks you have, the more exposure you get through the way the crappy search engine works.
The search engine is everything. It works on numbers.

I mean have you actually listened to what buyers buy? They will buy just about anything if it fits in with their ideas. Most non musician buyers don’t know the difference.

Just keep on submitting and passing your tracks and sales will come.


I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. The problem is you don’t have many tracks in your portfolio, and the ones you do are in a very competitive category. Maybe try submitting some of the music you specialize in, and see if you can get a little more action.

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Yes, it’s probably worth trying something that I find a bit more natural to my style.