Tracks not sales, Have I done something not correct? any ideas?

Hello Audiojunglers,

I’m facing challenges with my music tracks in AJ here, as they aren’t getting the attention I anticipated after sometimes (two years). Despite quality production (I think), I’m not seeing the desired results. Not sure if I am doing it right. Any insights or tips on improving track visibility would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Or maybe the wrong type of music on AJ?

Looking at your portfolio you only have 4 items - play the numbers game to see sales.
Your sound libraries let your music down as the market now requires higher quality. The fusion of west and east is very good as is your use of eastern instrumentation is very well done, but the quality of sound libraries let you down.

Fix the library issue, learn how to compress your tracks and hopefully your sales will take off. These are my thoughts - IMHO.


Thank you for your input; it has been very helpful. I have been releasing similar products through conventional channels, such as ARC Music and Naxos, for many years. However, I may need to reconsider the sound of my library music, as it caters to buyers seeking background music for their productions rather than songs for listening. I might try removing these tracks and uploading music with a different feel to see how it performs.




Unfortunately the golden era of AudioJungle is over. Now it is extremely hard to create new succesful and profitable portfolio.

You may chase single sales and create crazy number of tracks. But it will not be profitable, especially if you live in UK.


As it was Said before, 4 tracks is not enough to see traction and resul, you have to give it really more Time and remain patient. Don’t be stress about lack of result it requiert Time. Improvement over years.

Golden area are done but you Can still manage to get decent passive income. You have to produce more, diversify and spread everywhere you Can !

Good Luck and enjoy the journey no matter what !

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And I liked your tracks!
But the mixing master fails.

Seriously you think so? Let’s say that new author can create hmmm 20-30 tracks per year which can give him totally 10-70$ per month? Not mentioning rejects and quality issues. Besides that AI is incoming so the future is not stable here. How this can be decent for someone from the UE/UK? I am really curious :slight_smile:

Decent / interesting / great bonus / encouraging side** passive income, when you are not rely on stock music to make a living (and under those hard time, any bonus are worth it).
In french passive income is very close to “side income”. I used the wrong words or terms.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally know the struggle and difficulties, I’m 100% in. But I’m still optimistic and motivate, and if my sharing can give a little hope to newcomer / worried authors, I will always do and with great pleasure, no matter how bad and hard the situation is. At the end we are all in.

Thank you for your thoughts.

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for all your responses and the invaluable help and advice you’ve provided. My journey in the music industry has been a mix of traditional publishing and, more recently, ventures with online distributors like Distrokid, Routenote, Pond5, and Symphonic, yielding varying degrees of success. However, I find myself in a quandary when it comes to Audiojungle (AJ).

After two years since my initial release on AJ, I can’t find my music (which is published on AJ) on platforms such as Element Envato Market. This made me thinking have I done something wrong here?(the mix and master may be an issue), maybe the time I should leave AJ and focus on others. I still vividly remember the excitement when I joint AJ thought.

Thank you for taking the time to listen, and I wish all fellow AJ music creators the very best of luck.

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Elements is for selected and invited authors only, this has nothing to do with you right now :slight_smile: Envato elements are mainly closed for all AJ authors.
I don’t think you should leave AJ, try to give you some reachable and doable aim and see where it goes. For example, if you can produce 30 / 40 / 50 tracks for the next coming year, and then make a sum up if you think it’s worth it or not. Did sales had follow ? IS there a particular genre that sold more over the year etc. :slight_smile:


This bot sure has this market figured out! You cracked the code @josemiguel601… We’re gonna be rich, y’all!



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Thank you for the excellent suggestions. I will carefully consider all aspects. Today’s music creators face multiple challenges, as they not only need to focus on writing, but also on engineering, marketing. Lots to learn.



Though this was me and my family’s main income for years, I had to let it go. Now I see AJ as an almost 100% chance of finding at least 50 bucks in the street every month. Not bad at all.

Motivation, business, skyscrapper, corporate, success! :star2:


Raise your prices my friend ! Your work totally deserve it. Don’t be affraid to go really high. In any case the situation is stuck and sales so slow. There’s nothing to loose !


Thanks for your kind words and appreciate your inputs, Its not a bad idea at all. As I wondering before, the music for library may be different from the music I have uploaded to AJ at the moment. To collaborate with others to have the East Meets West style may be also another idea too.

Thank you all again. Cheers Li