What is wrong with my tracks?

Hi, friends!

I need your advice. I have more than 100 tracks (https://audiojungle.net/user/vlad_inside/portfolio), 2 years of membership and almost 1 year of full-time uploading and working on AJ , but I still have just about 35-45 sales per month (the same qty when I had 30 tracks). I know it’s not the worst result in the world but anyway - too unsatisfying. There is no progress :disappointed:
I am trying to ask people about my mistakes. Maybe mixing is bad? But people say - not bad. Maybe name, tags, description? But it seems everything is ok with it. Maybe structure and composition of my tracks?

So I am becoming sad :disappointed_relieved:. I can’t find the reason. I know I need to improve and develop everything but what to pay much attention to?

I can’t believe that this is just my limit. Just don’t want to believe…

Wish best sales for everyone!

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I don’t think it’s about quality, I think it’s about luck. There are tons of high quality music on AJ, that just lies there without views and whithout sales. And one more thing: we are making background music here, and maybe your tracks have too much «music» and too few «background» in it? I mean, it may be perfect for listening, but is it suitable for «background» needs? That’s how this market works, I guess. Anyway, I wish you big sales!

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Yes, maybe I need to make tracks more suitable for background. And usually I don’t believe in luck, but sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong I think about luck, roulette, fortune and how I need them :grin:))) heh.

So, thank you for your reply and advice. Wish u many sales too!

hey @Vlad_INSIDE ! Just keep making music and better results will come in time. Patience and work is the key here. The mirrage of hiting the jackpot overnight is not the case on AJ; but perseverence will bring you succes for sure. Best wishes!

Thank you! Stubbornness pays off :slight_smile:

Hey there! What you describe is pretty much the same for everyone here with a few rare exceptions. While everyone and their dog is uploading tons of new stuff on a daily basis, older tracks sell less and less - it is as simple as that. So, should you stop uploading now, your sales will also gradually die off. Welcome to the hamster wheel, come in! :sunglasses:

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You are not AurusAudio =)

hah :grin::grin::grin: