No Sales after 16 items accepted. Any marketing advice?

Hi fellow AudioJungle authors. I tried to make a big effort this year with AudioJungle but after getting 16 items accepted in a row, I have not made any sales. In the past, I have always made a few sales whenever an item gets accepted so I’m feeling a bit frustraighted with the lack of sales.
Can anyone please offer some advice on how to market my tracks outside of AJ? or any general advice to help with sales.

Many Thanks


My sales have dropped drastically this year as well. I do not know what it is connected with.

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Good morning,

I have 711 items with no sales for the past 10 days and 5 in total last month. As you maybe aware that AudioJungle is not what it used to be and the regular sales, it seems - or at least in my experience, have gone either to Envato’s competing platform Elements or competing market places.
We are now watching a marketplace in decline for authors and the “price war” on AJ has dissuaded some buyers from purchasing sensible prices. The age of bargain music is here and sadly authors here have been jointly responsible for this as Envato continues to highlight the cheaper items on it’s own landing page.
I hope you are successful here but unfortunately Envato does not respond to what is actually happening as they continue to migrate traffic to their own competing marketplace.
There are some authors here suggest that I constantly complain about Elements and it’s damaging affect on AJ authors, I just want a level playing field that every author participates in - maybe AJ should just be for Elite authors as they have demonstrated worthy items to sell and of course brought in the coffers to Envato through fees. I await the backlash and responses to the absurd suggestion - that is exactly how I view the introduction of Elements and it’s aggressive marketing on AJ.

Marketing advice…none, any traffic you bring in will be diverted by Envato to Elements.


Hi :slight_smile:
If you want to be serious as you described with the overall stock market, I suggest to expand your portfolio on some other place than AJ. It won’t be much better as it is right now on AJ, but as this time, relying on only one platform is not the good option. Steady upload, will help in any case, but I really suggest to remove the exclusivity, upload on other website, specially Chinese one (the lastest platform with high minimum pricing) and all other which are open !

Don’t get discouraged, it take time, and the situation is pretty the same for most of us also be aware that the period is not the best one, I would say, in general February March are pretty dead for me.

Also, some dumping can help, I’m not encouraging this method and I’m not here to talk about it, if it’s good or not (and I won’t answer about this subject if someone ask), but when slow and dead month come, it’s can help.

On advertising, I suggest Youtube + content ID, and if possible, link to your own website if you have one, or any website which are not AJ to avoid to feed Envato elements.

Good luck and keep to work, and look for other opportunities outside AJ !

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Thanks @gballx. I did suspect that ther would be a drop in sales once the subscription platforms took off. Although I did hope there would be enough of a market left to still make some sales. I even tried to find out how to join Elements but it seems that there is no option for music. AudioJungle was my first stepping stone to get into the stock music market with a hope to eventually get onto other platforms that might generate royalties. Maybe it’s time to explore these other options further. I know my music sells but if the marketplace is broken, there’s not much point of making the effort here.

Hi @Osynthw. Thanks for the advice. I will of course be uploading to some other platforms. I was just trying to get at least 50 tracks on AJ before working on those other options but was surprised to not sell anything in the process. I didn’t really want to drop the exclusivity but that might be the best option in the end. I’ll wait it out a while and see what happens. Could you please be more specific about using youtube and content id for advertising? I do register my tracks with AdRev already. What do I need to do to advertise on youtube?


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Well don’t destroy your aim because of lack of sales. I mean do as you planned to do ! (If you want to reach 50 and stay exclusive)

But be aware that, sales can take time when it’s at regular or at high pricing, so it’s not surprising that you have no sales while having create 16 approved item. And also because of the overall situation.

But being everywhere help a lot to trigger sale, and with quantity, quality and varied stuff, you will manage to have it more steady etc !

Some people like to steal work through YouTube, the idea to have it with content ID, will bring you some extra money because of that steal, and YouTube can also bring to you some more regular sale.
Some customers are looking trough YouTube. Marketing is always a painful thing, especially for us as musician, but being on Youtube is easy, being on tweeter too. Obviously you can dig for being a professional in marketing communication, but it’s not always needed to bring some great surprise or sales.

So be also everywhere where it’s possible to be, tweeter, Youtube, are first steps which can be interesting.(FB is dead to advertise in my opinion)

Don’t have to much expectation for this in short and medium time, but your works has to be alive and expand everywhere :slight_smile:

Thanks again @Osynthw. I will keep working hard for now and hope things pick up. At least all of my tracks get accepted now, so that’s a good thing. I used to get a lot of rejections. Things seem to have changed over the past few years. I see some people are selling tracks for way lower than they used to and it make sense for people to go with a subscription based platform if they use a lot of music.


Good luck ! I wish it for you :smiley:

Let us know how things evolve for you !

Try to experiment with discount campaigns.

Great sound, great acoustics! It is very strange that there are few sales. I sincerely wish you that your music will find as many buyers as possible.
Could you share what kind of acoustic guitar you have and what microphones do you use for recording? I’m really impressed with the quality of your sound.

Hi @newsense. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I just record in my livingroom at the moment with a Blueridge BG-140 Acoustic Guitar. I used to use an AKG c414xls microphone but now I’m using a Lewitt LCT 640 ts. The mic pre is a BAE 1073 going into the line input of a focusrite 18i20 interface. I have the BAE 1073 DMP and a BAE dual 1073mp. They are very expensive but well worth it. I got the DMP first but ended up getting the Dual 1073mp as well, so I could record in stereo. Normally, I just need to high pass and low pass the eq and add some reverb whith fabfilter plugins and I also might use the waves de-esser if it sounds too harsh in the high end. I always put the waves J45 tape plugin on the master bus as well. I hope that helps but I am not expert and it’s probibly just lucky for me that you think it sounds good!



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Wow! Great scheme! Thanks for the detailed answer.

Also i don’t really think external marketing is effective with stock music. You need to experiment with titles, tags, descriptions inside AJ to make your tracks as high as possible in search results.

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Social media accounts for 13% of my views last month, so I don’t think that’s negligible.

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In every business marketing and promoting is important, no matter what it’s bring. Even on stock, and especially under this hard time with an over saturated market. You have to be seen, 1 sale from a random guy from Youtube, tweeter or anything is already a good thing

How many views do you all get on an item before it gets a sale? Just a few or would it be hundreds of views to land a single sale? I realize it won’t be the same for every item but I’m curious nevertheless.

for my part, I do not have many visits but visitors who return. for my last article sold only one and it was the good one.

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Hi @JLJMusic. How do you check how many views an item has had?

If you are an exclusive author, you can find a tracking code under settings that you can use to set up google analytics. I think audiojungle has an analytics feature built in as well but that one never seems to work for me. I love your music by the way, great guitar work!

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