What is the secret to a good sale ?


Analyzing tracks from friends who have been in AudioJungle for years
I see some 2013 … 2014 … and we’re in 2016 and it was never sold!:neutral_face::fearful:
What the composer must be following to be one of the objectives
Of customer search? Forms of composition, modern musical styles, updated? Latest generation samples?:musical_keyboard:

Where can the composer be following these changes of momentary tendencies?:thought_balloon:


This is hard question. You never know what can be trending in certain time. But i am convinced for sure it must be in “AudioJungle style” :grin:


Hello friend,
In my case, The most sale tracks are my original and not on Corporate or motivation catalog. Not a big sale but it’s ok for me.
It here.


the price … for me i only buy items has 100 sale or more to see reviews rating and how fast support answer questions, there are some beautiful items here but they dont make sales bcz the price to high to give it shot, but i dont mind give it shot if its from Elite Author or higher,
make it very cheap once u reach 100 sales than start make price more :nerd:
most important the clear explain documentation for what we want to buy dont let us waste time trying to explore everything by our-self make video installation if u can it will save u time bcz noobs like me will ask how to install, and total noob will think its not working than will give u 1 star also will ask for refund :joy:


But there must be something else …

I do not see videos on youtube …
Facebook pages
Ads on google …

But in A.J appears super high sales …!
This is difficult for me to understand.


They’ve built up a decent reputation over ten years… I believe at one point Envato was the number one site in Australia. So although you may not see ads now, they definitely do advertise and have done a lot of advertising in the past… which has resulted in the high traffic and sales we see today.


Hello “SpaceStockFootage” was referring to the composers.

How do they publicize their work?
How they get great sales without divulging …


I would say that they get great sales by being on AudioJungle, they are mostly not bringing in customers themselves. AJ is a massive established marketplace, and that is what creates the flow of customers for authors to become successful. Aside from that, other key factors include being on the popular files list, being featured in some promotion, or having a featured item.


Yeah, there’s no real substitute for making great items. Great items are more likely to sell and more likely to get you a featured file… and lots of items are more likely to get you featured author. THe better the item, the more likely you are to get into top sellers and top items, the more likely you are to come further up the results if people search by sales or trending.

There are things you can do for more exposure, but they’re not going to help that much if the quality isn’t already there. Twitter to announce new releases, set up a facebook page or group for new tracks, maybe have your own website, get people to sign up to an email newsletter, stick your stuff on soundcloud, Youtube etc. Maybe whip up a simple track or get one of your existing tracks that isn’t exactly a best seller and give it away for free when people sign up for your newsletter (after removing the track from Envato) etc.

You could try Googel ads, twitter ads, Facebook ads, small ads on music sites etc. People more knowledgeable than me will tell you which ones work and which don’t. None of them are guaaranteed… you might spend $100 in a month and get $75 in sales revenue.

Quality, quality, quality though… the 2002 classic ‘The Adventures of Pluto Nash’ spent $20m on marketing (on top of the $100m it cost to make) and it got a $7m return.


Hello friend,
I have the answer from Tim McMorris - one of the power Elite authors. here are his advice. Thank you very much Mr Tim.

My name is Khaili and I am the operations manager for Tim McMorris Publishing and King’s Crown Productions.

As Tim gets asked this question quite a lot, he has put together a list of tips to help anyone looking to increase their sales on AudioJungle. Please see below:

  • Only upload your very best work, writing and production wise. If you make “quality” your brand buyers will start to take notice. It may take a little while and a few uploads to get noticed, but if you repeatedly upload high quality content it is only inevitable.

  • Listen to other high selling tracks to determine what customers are buying. There are many different customers on AudioJungle, however certain styles and genres sell much more. Write songs that are targeted at the customer, don’t just upload random songs or audio logos as you create them. Don’t copy top selling songs, but listen for things that have attracted the buyers to those pieces. Let your own creativity shine through while taking note of some of the things that made a top selling track work.

  • Presentation of your work is important! Update your profile page and item pages with relevant information. Make them look as professional as possible with the skills you have. Add links to other similar songs and any other info that would be helpful to a buyer. Put yourself in the buyers shoes as you design your page and try to think like a buyer would think. What would be useful to them?

  • When you’re starting out, upload tracks more steadily. Once a week is recommended if possible and aim to have your music on the front page Monday - Thursday. During weekends there are less buyers on the website. As your portfolio grows and attention increases this rate can decrease. The most important thing however is that people begin to see your avatar and name regularly.

  • While participating in the forums won’t necessarily increase sales, being involved in the online community is a great way to expose yourself to other authors and get feedback on your own work. There are also many great tips in the forum on everything from music production, to software, sales trends, contests and more!

  • Work to get your music or audio logo featured in a VideoHive project. The exposure over on VideoHive.net will help greatly to draw in many more sales. I recommend contacting a relatively new author about using your music as top authors already choose who they want to work with regularly and are very likely to not even respond. If you choose an author who is new or recently started uploading work, they are usually very happy to collaborate. Once your sales and brand grows, more prestigious authors will naturally begin to use your work.

  • Finally, promotion of your work is critical to your success. Take a look at this excellent article here on tip for how to promote your work: http://audiojungle.net/forums/thread/ways-to-promote-your-audiojungle-music/55643

I hope this has been helpful and wish you great success on AudioJungle!


Tim McMorris


Woww, you helped me a lot
In this new conversation!
Understanding about strategies is very important to me. :smiley:
I’ll read the article LongXmusic !

Many thanks to all who helped :raised_hands::pray:

get to work ! :spy::writing_hand::musical_keyboard:


Such a great thread. I think this has single handedly plotted my course of action for the comming months. Thanks. :blush:


Awesome advice. Thanks for posting. Much appreciated. :blush: