Sales stopped since November 1st

Hi everyone!

Usually i don’t talk much about my sales but this month is something new.
After daily sales in October i have 0 in November.
It never happened before since i joined Audiojungle in November 2013.
I have never experienced such a big sales drop. I started thinking that my account was banned for some reasons or something. I just can’t believe it. Very suspecious. I had steady sales for years even when i didn’t upload anything for months. I always knew that i can pay the bills with my Envato earnings. However this month is dead.

It looks like the end of my “career”.
Did you faced something similar this month? What are your thoughts about Audiojungle’s future?

It is not very bright for me…


Covid-19, Halloween, Brexit and US elections.
These are the reasons that I can think of.
My sales are low this month too.


I had low sales too, but 0? It is impossible.

Just a hint. Do you have GA enabled? Have you noticed some unusual activity in the last couple of months?

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How is GA enabled?

Nothing unusual. The only unusual thing is that sales stopped exactly November 1st.

Hey Cornonmax,

It’s fairly simple.

Thank u

I don’t sell music, I sell code… this month is one of the best months… so definitely is not Covid-19, Halloween, Brexit, and US elections… there were a few bad days but overall it was a solid November… I guess is a mistery :slight_smile:

Take care!

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I follow some authors and i can tell that overall sales are fine, nothing wrong with the market. I had bad months before, but this is not normal.


The customer who will buy your product has not yet entered the market, or none of your current items may not fit in the purchasing customer’s project.


Yes Corona and US elections might have some effect but it’s not zero (so far) for me as well.

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Very strange!!! I’m so sorry!
Your rock tracks are amazing!
you can try to do more different stuff IMHO.

Good luck!


Thank you for your kind words!
Yep, i think i need to try new genres.

P.S.I still have no sales, btw.


Have you by any chance updated your tags or descriptions recently? A couple of years ago I’ve come to realise that my tags were crap and decided to re-keyword all my bestsellers to make them sell even better. And guess what? Sales literally stopped overnight and never really re-emerged. This didn’t happen on AJ though, but on a different website.


Even if you start writing in other genres, it’s not certain that they will start buying from you. Rock is for sale but for some reason not yours :thinking: :unamused:

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No, i didn’t update any tags or descriptions. It’s a mistery for me why am i still don’t have sales…

All major countries are in lockdown right now. This has been happening since October gradually. Hence it is fair to assume that during this time, business in general is slow.

From what I have noticed, right before a major sales (eg: Black Friday), the marketplace does nothing to promote your items and attract new traffic. They simply limit themselves to promoting the sale. Consider that the existing buyers already received a Black Friday sale notice in advance and will wait for it…

Items that appear unaffected is because those authors already drive fresh traffic (customers not aware of the sale) towards their items on their own or through affiliates. Unfortunately, most affiliates rely strongly on the top seller lists. These guys have automated scripts that read from the top seller categories and promote solely those items. If you are not on these lists, it’s tough.

Things should pick up during and after Black Friday, I think but I also hope Envato understands how disruptive this is for everybody else and works on improvements.


Exactly what happened to me too on “P”

I have noticed about the same this month on videohive. Not zero sales but definitely the sales are on a negative trend. However, if you regard the massive advertising of other places as well as the popping up of dozens of new independent places that heat up the instagram and facebook feeds for the last months the market seems to get pretty much like a warzone for the marketplaces and agencies in order to catch the smaller amount of customers that still spend money on a per clip / per item base. At the moment I see a massive rise in sales on other places. This seems to be tangled to their strong marketing ever since June/July. Let’s see if this is just a ditch. Covid lockdowns, elections and all that are definitely a stress to the market so the usual October/November sales from the last years don’t seem to happen this year.

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