What happens and where are the sales?

Hello everybody! This month showed the worst sales results for me that have never been, since my registration at Envato! What is the reason for this? And what to expect next? Envato is going to sell our tracks this month or not? I am very sad that this is the case :cry: ! Any opinions!


Dude !
Just pray !)))))


this is happening across all marketplaces I’m in.
and i have listed my music since 2011-2012. Now, after all this time and a portfolio of hundreds of track/sfx, i still get the very low sales i had on the first month of my “career” :-/


This is the end of royalty free (or not royalty free) music business…we need to change our qualification.
I am joking of course :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Keep patience guys. Today no sales but tomorrow will be. And it’s round and round again.


This is happening to codecanyon too

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All is true! In every joke there is some joke, and the rest is true!

Yes, I agree with you! But patience is also not infinite and can burst at one time. If it was only temporary, it happens systematically (complete loss of sales for some time, or on the contrary, unexpected big sales “snow on the head.” This can not please, and give joy, and be confident in the future, because a complete lack of sales at some time, knocking out of the mesh and does not allow to develop, does not give the desire to work here(5 days a week from morning to night) and earn money on music, and does not give an stimulus at all!

Thank you for your opinion! :slight_smile:

Probably it’s better to leave here and find another earnings!

What I want to say:

  1. There are few competitions held at AudioJungle. Either they are not at all, or they have absolutely no relation to music. Such an impression (based on the competition policy of Envato) that the authors came to the stock not to sell and earn money on music, but came here to shave, grow a mustache, get an incomprehensible sticker for it and apparently stick it on their forehead and leave contented. But no … !!!:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I can certainly surprise Envato, but we came here to earn money, write music, make our products better and better. We want to see more competitions among us. And get a decent reward for the victory (do not take it for arrogance). Profit and only profit is the best for inspiration for further work and its improvement, not stickers, not cups or t-shirts.
    2.AudioJungle replenishes its “reserves” regularly as everyone has noticed. This number is currently approaching 700 thousand. I think that very often there is a paradox - “who does not write and does not unload tracks that is rich and happy, and he who writes and unloads regularly tracks that beggar and sad.” With such a quantity of goods, it can be assumed that every second track does not receive the proper quantity of sales simply because nobody sees it. Buyers like I suppose do not dig in the depths of the search, but buy what is on the first three pages. The search engine in my opinion is not optimized for such a quantity of goods. It’s the same as selling an assortment of supermarkets in a beer bar. Pies “go out” sales are not growing.
    3 . We all love Envano !!!:heart: We are grateful for this opportunity. But I would like the entire workflow and the market to be optimized based on the situation to date. To grow our sales. I would like to see the team AudioJungle took some measures to increase sales and not only rest on the laurels of their achievements. We want to be up to date, make quality sound and earn. I think AudioJungle wants the same. I wish every unsold track to get 100 sales for a week!) :blush:

Beautiful post! :sunglasses::muscle::+1: . Which reflects the reality of events that occurs on AudioJungle, including me (the author who who works here and puts a lot of effort and time into this work, and gets a penny here!) I also love Envato, but I’m not happy with my earnings here!

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Hey mate, you complain about sales but I see you very regulary post in “Your last sold track” :slightly_smiling_face:

So, this april was best month for me ever I sold 81 times wirh 4 highest licenses. but I remeber september '17 I sold only 11 times and I was very sad. SO Smile man! :slight_smile: the next month will be better


@Slav-Media Thank you for your motivating words and support!

This is due to great competition. But development does not always happen evenly. Sometimes (when you work a lot) you seem to stand still for a while, and then a sharp rise up. Good luck!

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Yes, it is, but unfortunately I do not see a growth in sales. Growth was the first six months here, and then there was a decline or stagnation in one place.
Thanks for the feedback!

I think you shouldn’t give up! Really nice results for just one year to just throw it all to hell and shut the account! Sometimes things just run out of control, there’s little we can do. But it’s only temporarily, for sure. Try not to overthink this, things will pick up eventually :paw_prints: )


Thank you @PhreaSpirit ! I’m very glad that you took the time to leave your a comment! :wink: I saw what you wrote in the " monitor 2", at the same time remove old, unnecessary and bad and not very successful tracks. How do you think what period should pass from the moment the track is downloaded to its worthlessness (to understand that this track will never be bought)? And another small question if you delete the tracks of these stale tracks, is there an influx of sales? I mean higher the coefficient (the ratio of the number of tracks to the number of sales) does it affect sales growth? Or is the coefficient irrelevant?

Based on my experience, if nobody bought an item during the first month, it is not a good item (for this particular stock at least). For example, items that didnt generate a single sale in a first month also had no sales for more than half a year! So, i deleted them without any regrets.

There were rare exceptions - somebody bought a 2 year old item and gave it a 5 star rating. But 1 sale in 2 years is not that exciting :sweat_smile: It kinda proves my theory that more or less successful items usually generate sales straight away.

Overall, i think that the older an item, the less sales it generates. And by deleting such items you won’t do any damage to your sales, just make a portfolio a little cleaner.

Anyways, it is just my opinion, and i delete items mostly because i dont like them anymore or because they are too different to the rest of portfolio. Some authors reported a top licence for an old rusty track, so it’s up to you to decide! If you’re proud of your item, even if there are no sales, why delete it? Hope it helps)


Thank you very much for sharing your experience and knowledge! :+1::sunny:


No problem, i am happy to help any time) Good luck!


I listened to your advice and removed some old tracks that did did not score a single sale in a year. I think that it makes no sense to keep a “dead weight”.

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