Hi! I have a portfolio of 163 songs. Last 15 songs zero sales.Zero!.. Last month it was the same 15 songs zero sales.Then these 15 songs brought me 4 sales.Four!.. Why are we here at work? Top authors all good!

I have a portfolio of 163 songs.
Last 15 songs zero sales.Zero!..
Last month it was the same 15 songs zero sales.Then
these 15 songs brought me 4 sales.Four!..
Why are we here at work? Top authors all good!

Have you considered doing anything to market your songs?

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15 songs is corporative,inspiring piano,cinematic music,acoustic guitars and happy. Everything is always well bought!

Even with external marketing it is harder than ever for most authors to create consistent sales. The reason is simply the oversaturated market. I don’t think this will change unless Envato change their policy and restrict the influx of new tracks in one way or the other.

Totally agree.I work full time audiojungle and make 30 songs in 1 month.Neither song sold well.Maxim 10 times and then stops,although the material is worthy.
You need to do something with this policy.

What about your older items? Do they sell ? I mean, I’ve got just a couple of tracks and I’ve noticed that as soon as I upload a new item I get a sale from one of my older items. Maybe it’s the way it works?

Yes,of course.It has long been evident.Old songs are sold.
But this is not the correct system.What then are the chances of new songs to be noticed? It means only the traffic matters…

You’re asking Envato to change it’s policy and restrict the influx of new tracks yet you admit to uploading 30 songs each month?? It sounds to me like you’re part of the problem :wink:


You’re just imagining.
I tried to do less and income falls.
Also I tried to put all the power in every song and making high quality but it was no use.
Just guide someone gives you earn the same songs as you and who is not.And I think that is not correct.Everyone understands that the system clearly controls the traffic of the sales of each author and contingencies there.So let controls more equitably.

I looked at Your account and you have a lot of sales.41 points and the average quality of the product and it was a gift…Not talk to you, what happens with new authors that need to work seriously to what you have accomplished.
I didn’t ask to limit new authors and asked to listen carefully and encourage new authors.

The claim

On restricting the influx of new tracks

Observing not imagining :wink:

May limit new authors is not an option.
That’s not what I meant.When I said “it seems” I mean that the problem is not that I do 30 songs in 1 month.So do thousands of other authors and not because they have a lot of free time.
If I had 40 tracks and 3000 sales I would write 1 song per month.
The question is how to achieve this? Through a floor of year I will have 300+ songs and nothing will change.Where is the incentive? Where is the motivation? Where is the logic?
Still just "good job - good sales.where is it?

Learn to sound better everyday, quality will always go on top of the flood of new tracks. Oh, and listen to a track Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey :wink:


Pay more attention to the 1st response from Matthew. These days authors are often better off spending their time marketing 10 quality tracks than uploading 30 a month. And please don’t see an author with 40 “Average” tracks (the cheek) and assume that somehow they’re just lucky or not working hard. In these cases there is often a lot going on behind the scenes. As for your music try to be a little more original. A lot of your tracks are chasing old trends where the competition is huge and the established tracks prevail. The tracks I have most success with are not typical AJ tracks, alas they haven’t been featured and they’ll probably never be super hits. However, they’re unique enough to bring in steady sales.


The quality is important.But I do not think that all who have a lot of sales have a quality portfolio. Think you know a lot of these. The buyer in fact more important than the mood and emotion of the music,isn’t it?
Look at the top.There is your lot of very high-quality work?
And if my music has allowed for the sales so it meets the requirements right?

I didn’t mean to say that your music is bad and not qualitative.I mean,I 160/400 and you 40/3000 almost.Am I really doing that bad? You song 1 - 75 sales,but I have 1 song -2,5 sale)))) this is how I was able so bad to make music))

No hard feelings :slight_smile: The marketplace has changed. New authors can’t assume that they’ll obtain the same level of success of those like Tim and PZ who not only caught the wave but worked hard to maintain sales and build a brand. The harsh reality is that new comers are late to the party. Music creators need to accept change and adapt quickly these days. There is no room for entitlement and we need to accept the fact that things have changed. Is there a space for me in this market? Should I move on? AJ isn’t the only way to make a buck in this biz.


For new authors it is not wize to folllow trends, if you want to make money, you need to create new trends and be original.


Thank you.I will try)

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Completely agree.