Catastrophe in May 2019!

Hello authors and Envato! I see in May 2019 a huge decline in sales (for me 3 times), what’s the matter I don’t understand (April was a great month and May 2018 too). Why out of 189 tracks in my portfolio in May 2019 only 2 tracks sold (under standard music license)? Usually this has never happened to me at all, this is a critically minimal level at which it is impossible to work on music, there is simply no motivation. Envato where is the sales in May?
What happens at all? And when will sales?
May 7 and 2 sales for me is terrible! :imp:


1 sale for me in May! :stuck_out_tongue: :scream:
I thought it was because I have not uploaded anything for a month, but i can clearly see that is a common issue.
Οver the past three months I have a 50% drop in sales, but i try to think positive.!
All the best for you @CleanMagicAudio and to everyone suffers from this situation. Things will be better soon!


1 sale like you, bro. And i am still uploading tracks… :rofl::rofl:
And some unexpected hard rejected, as you know… :sweat_smile::joy:

PD: Never forget…


I think the problem is that watermark removal methods have become very popular. :frowning:
Envato team should do something about it …


Come on man, of course you understand. You surely noticed that Envato do all they can to lure clients away from your portfolio and over to Elements? A big portfolio doesn’t mean anything these days. Sad but true.


Most clients are buying subscriptions to Elements, they pay 16$ and have access to a unlimited number of tracks. Do the math :slight_smile:
Sad days to see this for us contributors.


Thank you for your comments @artsygoat @Manriquedelara @FirstNote. But I’m just killed. I don’t even have anything to say to you, usually that i am always very eloquent. I have never felt as bad as now with terrible and minimal sales! Thank you for supporting me! :disappointed_relieved: I am glad of your visit! :pensive::cry:


@CleanMagicAudio You still have 3 weeks left of May so I would not be to sad just yet…! But instead of just hoping for better times I would consider either going non exclusive or spending more energy working at tracks for other sites. You have great high quality tracks that I’m sure can sell well outside AJ.


the person you pay your salary don’t like and rejects the song :blush:


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Hello @MojoSoundtrack ! That’s right! But if I leave with AJ, I will not leave here nothing (all my tracks), I will remove everything completely in one day. Thanks for the support!

Also very nice to hear, I’m glad you liked my tracks! :slightly_smiling_face: “Jeweler” I ! Found useful in your post! :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you very much! :wink:
I put in here (in Envato (AJ), soul, joy and grief as well as my tracks) I don’t want to leave this place and never achieve anything!

I want to achieve sales here and become an Elite author (this is my first and main goal)! It is incredibly difficult quit my long and hard work here awayand start working somewhere there (into other audiostocks)!

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Thank you for your post, but the topic is devoted to low May sales!

sorry : )

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@anon64521210 Goodbye, good luck!

To be honest, it is really sad have to read all this.

I know this are just words, but i would to see it this changing to a positive way.
Just can say, Good luck!


I see no reason why you should leave AJ if you want to be non exclusive or delete tracks (unless you want to sign them exclusive somewhere else). You can always go back to exclusive if AJ sales is increasing a lot (then your Elite commission will be waiting for you as well).

What works for 1 author might not work for another, and I do understand you don’t want to give up “the road to Elite”, and I think many authors think the same as you as well.

For me going non exclusive have been a wake up call (a very good one), but it all depends what genres you focus on etc. Non exclusive is probably not the best idea if you are selling a lot on AJ.

I don’t know what the future will bring, but for me it seems very risky to stay exclusive in a marketplace that does not evolve in the right direction at all. It’s easy to see what you can loose in commission, but much harder to see what you can potentially gain. I think it will be more important than ever to have multiple income sources to sustain a good income from music licensing.

Anyway, I wish you luck and you will find your path eventually :wink:


Yes, I find it difficult to decide, thanks!
Thanks again, I understood and heard you! :slightly_smiling_face:


It still hurts sometimes :stuck_out_tongue: :unamused: but i had to take a decision and stick to it!
“Ηome is where I lay my head” they say!

Chill brother and take action! Βut first of all try to change your psychology and your energy for your own good. We are by your side! :slight_smile:


Indeed this month so far has been terrible. Only 3 sales, very little traffic and I only needed just under $600 to reach Elite. I guess it is just a bridge too far.


I feel with you clean magic. Struggeling by a new personal record of 27 Days without a Sale! :sleepy::sneezing_face:
Time for some meditation tracks from your portofolio. They are just amazing!