A button too hard to push...

It’s a difficult decision for me, cause I imagined my musical career here on AudioJungle, but it seems that it’s time for me to expand my horizons! Thanks for everything you have done for me Envato! I will never forget that you were my first home and I will always be grateful!


you’re joking :smiley:

Your music is great so it only makes sense to spread it around the world IMHO. Good luck!


If it helps you today, I was watching a video on YouTube that talks about this issue and makes clear the advantages of being non-exclusive in these times of changes so drastic and hard for authors like us who have been exclusive for so many years.

My friend Danni! Thanks, i already watched it!


So cool then! :smiley:

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Thanks for you kind words! Good luck to you too!

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I wish you only good luck! The choice is always yours!

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Good luck friend!
If you need some help, you know where i am. :slight_smile:

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Good luck buddy! You work hard & your music deserves more attention from people around the world! And anyway you can change yourself anytime, the decision is yours. :slight_smile: :goat:

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I guess this guy doesn’t realize that creating videos like this (“make money from this website”) is an enormous part of the problem.

Three things happen:

  1. He MIGHT get $22 from the 22,000 views.
  2. 10,000 new competitors sign up to AudioJungle.
  3. His sales go down because of an enormous increase in competition.

Creating videos like this is incredibly bad for your sales. :grinning:

I’m talking about his most popular video, the second one he uploaded.



If you don’t know, you are one of my favorites in the community, and we have spoke several times PM but i have to say that your comment is absurd… This guy just documents his course and never tried to influence anyone. There is no reason to be so critical. There are bigger problems that make this place suffer…

With respect,



I truly believe that his intentions are good. But you know how it goes : the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

He looks like a nice guy, and it is obivous that he documents his journey and give some advices. But in the end increased competition is inevitable. Especially for genres like corporate. Oversaturation in these cliche genres takes the market place down IMO

I think there are a lot of people who are distributing free information in YouTube (about audio platforms, etc.). I got the impression that you saw this kind of video for the first time (in fact, there are a lot of them). Let’s not blame anyone for anything, the author simply uploads his thoughts to YouTube.
Let’s be more friendly.:wink::blush:


I’m in a similar position. Good luck @artsygoat!

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Good luck MykeRoss! :wink:

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Hey. Good luck with your journey.

I have one request: do not publish your work on sites where there is a subscription similar to “Element”. This request is addressed to all authors who decide to work at other sites.

Good luck.

I have no intention of hurting my music… :wink:
Will stand till we fall!
Thanks for your comment!

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Yes, AJ would be so much better, if there was no internet :slight_smile:

I mean I get your point but let’s not start blaming each other for the inevitable consequences of over saturated market.

What Enavto just did is the real issue here. Their way of showing love for the cummunity is monument worthy.