Hello everybody!

I’m new in this Forum, and i’m writing here because It seems only One solution to give an interpretation to the Hard reject and keep going in the right direction.

My Activity over audiojungle goes on since october, and in these two month i uploaded more or less 20 songs.
Just One was approved, here the link:
nu soul coffee break

But no Hope about other 19 songs, Just Hard reject , even if i tried to make possibile to omologate to the approved songs.

In this link i uploaded some of them.

Do you think somethings wrong i did?

But in general, has someone some trick to give me about the parameters audiojungle uses ti approve songs?

Thank you to everybody wants to reply!

Most welcome for coming on this forum which relates to word press themes.


I think the best vector of your path will be self-development in this case, when you start something to do you find it difficult to let go of the accumulated materials, and the creation of something new in the early stages can be quite a difficult process, this problem is faced not only by beginners, but also experienced authors, do not give up your ideas, but do not keep absolutely everything, filter less attractive

Have a nice day!

Thanks Hellhat to reply.
Yes, the Key Is let go creativity but point Is “in which direction” …or Better what Is useful for audiojungle, i’m trying to find the concept to create songs.
I understand many songs are for video, so when i compose i try to Imagine a context.
Question Is, why they accepted " Nu soul coffee break"?..this can be useful for me to understand review process.

Try to analyze the market Envato, view portfolio and selling the more experienced users, find topics that interest you,

"Create your own custom style" - this is what I meant when I spoke about the vector of self-development, you sold four pieces of music, I can only assume that the reviewers Envato can foresee sold the melody, therefore,

you can offer ringtones in different genres-approved genres - remember, and thus form your own “database of accepted compositions”, Yes, at first it will be difficult