Hard Rejection - Feedback welcome!

Hi Envato Community!

It’s taken me a while to muster the time to submit my first track, and although not unexpected, it was hard-rejected.

I think the most frustrating thing (as has previously been commented on many times) is that the feedback given for a hard-rejection is next to meaningless.

Track can be found here:
It’s not going to set the world alight, but I was mostly pleased with it.

The idea is for it to be a simple motivating/hopeful tune that works as background music for a commercial video or similar. I’d love to have feedback from any of you with experience of successfully submitting tracks of a similar genre. Thanks in advance!


Hi and welcome to the community. I’m fairly new to uploading music myself. But I can tell you are gonna be able to submit great tracks that will be accepted. I’ll give you my thoughts but I’m sure someone more experienced will give better feedback.

  • You are doing some filter automation in the beginning which is cool. But I thinks it’s to long and possibly should not be used at all in these type of tracks. The sound is thin for too long.
  • Feels like 2 tracks. First a typical inspirational track (of which you can find many here on AudioJungle) and then 30 seconds in it’s a different track, like a Fall Guys sort of track.
  • If you want to have a track that fits in and possibly sells you should build on the piano loop and add strings and similar instruments. Build on the mood. Don’t have that snare. Build and layer sounds. Look at the structure of similar tracks here on AudioJungle.

Don’t get me wrong. I think the track from 30 sec onward is really cool and would fit som specific cases. Like a video game. But if you are a video editor and looking for a background inspirational track you would go for a simpler track.

Good luck.


Arjuna - what a warm welcome and helpful response! Thanks for taking the time to listen and provide feedback.


I think the fade out outro might be problematic as well.


Thanks JLJ. I had questioned the suitability of having a fadeout.

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Hi!!! I will give my opinion about this track.

  1. There is no frequency balance. Frequencies 500-700 Hz. have a high volume, frequencies 200-300 Hz. and also 2000 - 20000 Hz. have a low volume. The track sounds muddy, dim (foggy), friable (loose) because of this.
  2. The instruments are smeared in the stereo field and lost in space.
    I allowed myself to edit the sound of this composition. Here is a link to it - Hope
    I’ve been working with the whole mix here, but in order to achieve the right results, you need to make corrections in each track of the instruments. However, you will see here, how your track should sound approximately.
    Sorry for my English.
    Good luck!!!

Thank you for taking the time to re-mix it bobfox! I think that certainly makes it sound brighter … I’ll have a closer look at my frequency spread in future.

Re your ‘smeared in stereo’, do you suggest pulling some tracks slightly right and others slightly left, or is that not what you were getting at?

Hi! In the expression of smeared stereo, I meant that the frequencies of 20-100 Hz in the whole mix, there are wide stereo fields and the instruments sound somewhere far away. To fix this, I used EQ (Fabfilter) to cut off frequencies in the side that are down 100 Hz. Then I boosted 250 Hz., down 600 Hz., boosted 2000 and 3500 Hz. and worked with the compressor on the whole mix. So, a phantom center was formed in the mix, where the instruments sound, and their echoes and reverberation are on the sides. It brought the sounds of the instruments closer to us, and the reverberation sounds somewhere further away, which gives a cleaner sound. Unfortunately, I am not a native English, and perhaps I am not expressing my thoughts quite clearly for You.


Thanks again bobfox! That makes it clearer. I will try to refine the mix further on my next track with EQ and compressor … look out for it!

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Keep it up and never give up!!! Good luck !!!


Not about this item, generally I have a suggestion for you! Don’t waste your time in Envato! Their standards are weird… There are too many other platforms to work with! event better :wink:

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what is depression?

  1. The melody is nice
  2. The Intro and the outro was to long(make it short)
  3. The Synth was so ugly
  4. The Bass is not good ( you can change it something like guitar bass )
  5. You can add piano chord progression to the top of the melody, Pads, or ambient
  6. You can use drums from kontakt libraries as well
  7. Good luck to your next submissions.
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Thanks PolarBeatStudio (and all!). I’ve submitted another track incorporating your many suggestions / ideas … will keep you posted!

If the submitted track was identical with the one on Soundcloud, i mean with fade-out, that itself is a rejection reason. No fadeouts. If there were some other issues, it’s another story. But with fade-out, is rejected. Take care.

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Thanks Soundtrickz. Good advice!

Another rejection! Track here: Stream Faith by gwilym-george | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I think it’s a really fun track - again, suggestions for improvement welcome!

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I think this new track ^^ is better, the arrangement and sound / instrument choices are pretty good I think. Where it needs to improve is the mix. The synth lead is kinda sitting over the top of it too loud. The piano maybe needs some more reverb and presence, maybe cut some lows a bit and move it back in the mix. The kick drum is soft and has no punch. So overall I would focus on the mix. Look up some youtube vids on mixing in styles like electronic, will probably help.


Great tips - thanks ToivoMedia! Mixing is certainly something I can improve.

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