Hard rejection

Hi guys,

Could you give me some feedback on my 2 rejected tracks?
Why would you reject these tracks?
Roast me!


Anyone, I would like some feedback what could be better next time.


What I hear on track 1:

the snare sounds on the right for me, not in the center. The kick drum is ok but I don’t think that offbeat hit is something AJ appreciates. Also, some little reverb would do, to make it sound “natural”. Just my two cents!

I love the vibe of the Jazzy Hip Hop one.

Gut reaction though -
• intro could be halved and get into it quicker
• Synth solo spoils it, I’d prefer a break up in texture as it’s quite linear through out
• Give the ending a little bit of warning

Hope that helps.
Disclaimer: I know absolutely nothing about getting (my own) tracks accepted :slight_smile:

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I am not sure if mixing is an issue. There are terrible sounding tracks on AJ.
Thank you anyway.


This is for sure. Absolutely. In fact I think that this is what composers can’t stand more than anything else, over here. Some tracks are really muddy and mixed poorly, and some become best sellers. We can only accept this, I guess.

I have submitted 5 tracks so far. Only one went through.
The issue here is the rejection without explanation. Could be anything. The reviewer does not like your track, or having a bad day, hates his/her job etc…

I have submitted something like 30? And only 3 were accepted. It’s very hard, but to be honest I have learned a lot with rejections.

How did you find out the issues of your tracks?
Yes you can ask for feedback here, but those are more like personal opinions.

It’s not so easy, and in fact I still get rejections. My first rule is to make a track and leave it there, for a week, and then listen back. Usually I find something that doesn’t work and try to fix it. I also try to put myself in the shoes of videomakers, although apparently they choose from the bestsellers and that is the reason why some tracks still sell after years. Videomakers don’t have time to look for 1000 tracks so…you can have a very good track that doesn’t sell, apparently. However, I try to make the best I can and of course I get disappointed when they are rejected, but there is something evidently wrong when I listen back to my rejected tracks.

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