Hard rejection (Jazz track)

Hi Everyone! This week i had 2 Hard rejection tracks… For this track I really don’t understand why and would be nice if you
guys help me to know the problem. :frowning:

Thank you!

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I Think that’s a little monotonous !))) and there is no balance between the instruments )

Thanks WildLion!

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the drum is all messed up. they are monotonous and too conspicuous.

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the whole drums set is like old school commercial Hip Hop combined with Jazzy vibes… Its like you created something total new. Melodic composition and feeling ot the melodic instruments is really well done.
And I admit: It should be, be balanced better.

Great vibe, guitar and chords with 90’s - early 2000’s style drums and arrangement (reminded me a little of Geoge Benson of that era). Lovely melody. The problem here is purely balance (mixing). Basically, its the 90’s drumkit that ruined your track (sounds like low bitrate mp3 kind of, with a lot of harsh high fequencies). I would suggest to remove that drumkit and replace it with somthing of a better quality and less distracting (snare is huge). Use that pink noise technique to balance and EQ your instruments if you are not sure where to start. Good luck!

Overall atmosphere of the track is very nice, but in my opinion there is a trouble in a rhythm section (beat+bass sit too far in mix), kick is almost inaudible. It seems, balance between instruments is the main reason of rejection. Don`t be discouraged :slight_smile:

drum loop with rough and washy piano/pad. Need some development and dynamic. A bit boring. Good luck!