Hard reject. Help!

Hi everyone. I don’t know why my track rejected. Somebody tell me what is the reason. Please Help!

To be honest , is not very balanced instruments , especially the bells and the flute ( as I understand ) there is no balance , all very loudly, especially these three solo tool , bad sound , turn it down these three solo instrument , and the idea is very good !

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Thank you and I want ask. The sound of the two instruments in unison could be the cause of hard rejection? Do you think the reason is only in the balance or the color of musical instruments?

Is that a bagpipe at 57 seconds? I think that could be the main reason, the sound is very harsh compared to the feel of the rest of the track. Very out of place. And also what WildLion said, bring down the volume of the solo instruments so they sit in the mix a bit better- maybe pan that bell percussion sound more central. I think the flute sounds great with the ukulele, so I’d replace the bagpipes with more of that, and just a bit more work programming the MIDI to sound more like a real flute.

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Hey @iarg

I took a listen and i think the reasons for rejection are that the track is very harsh and loud sounding, like every instrument is very compressed or limited, there is not a lot of balance or musical dynamics in the track. Its not that you need loads of dynamics but it should sound a bit bouncy, try to work on your mixing a bit more, lots of stuff you can find online for that. Also, the bagpipes at 0:57 is a very harsh sound and i think kind of out of place with this track.

That is my thoughts on it but always try to take rejections as a step forward to improve yourself. I personally always have stuff in the queue on Audiojungle and 9 times out of 10, I expect at least 1 out of 5 tracks will be rejected because everyone gets them :slight_smile:

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