Hard Reject again....please help!

Hi guys/girls. I have had a hard time getting approved for many of my files. It is always the same reason, but unfortunately they don’t narrow down exactly what is wrong so I cant work on my mistakes. I was assuming it was the mastering/mixing, so I hired an audio engineer to work on my tracks, and they are still getting rejected.

here is my last file https://soundcloud.com/jstudio-1/sellers-tool

This is the reasoning for the rejection.

Unfortunately your submission Sellers Tool isn’t ready for AudioJungle and cannot be resubmitted as it did not meet our minimum requirements for quality and/or Envato Market policies. In order for submissions to be considered for sale they must be of high aesthetic and technical quality, unique to our library and cannot be in violation of Envato’s policies.

Regrettably the Help and Quality Teams are unable to offer a critique or feedback on your rejected submission.

Our Review team also provided these comments:

This submission does not meet our general commercial production (sample quality/mixing/mastering) standard, unfortunately.

Refer to this document (the second half) for guidelines as to what this might mean.

Thanks for your submission!


Envato Market Team

I wont give up, but it is frustrating when I feel like I spend hours/days on files and am pumped to get them on envato and then get shut down. I just want to correct my mistakes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!



Its not mixing/mastering. Its just sound cheap, man. Like my old dusty Casio CMK-50.

Improve your production skills, work more with your sounds.

And before upload something i always ask myself a question : “Would i use this song in my own advertising video?”

Thats my advice.

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Amiga 500 sounds :slight_smile:

I appreciate your feedback…I use maschine and plug-ins from kontakt 5…is there a better program out there you know of? Or better plug-ins?

Thanks man

@josh10 I don’t think it sounds cheap, but i think you are kinda improvising the melody, that’s my opinion, also, maybe you should vary a little more the velocity of the instruments, best!

This is a standard mail from audiojungle. Hard reject track = this mail :slight_smile:

For me the quality of sound is ok, this is not the reason of rejecting, but it sounds very dry, maybe try to make this song more dynamic with some reverbs, light bassess or change the melody to be more interesting, because for now is kinda boring. This is just my opinion. Best Regards and wish you more luck next time, Marcin Klosowski.

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Have a listen to some of the best selling tracks - ideally some similar to yours - then go back to yours and you’ll notice if something is missing.