back again, another hard rejection, totally lost and about to give up, please help

Like the title says, this is another rejected track with the statement that it doesnt meet the commercial requirements and cannot be resubmitted. What am I doing wrong people? Is it the genre, track lenght, mix, mastering, composition? I just dont have a clue anymore. Any help would be really appriciated

this is the track

thanks in advance

The production and basic arrangement sounds fine to me. Perhaps that there isn’t much development going on throughout the track? It basically just loops over and over again. The occasional element muted/unmuted every now and then. But that’s about it. I think it needs to be more varied in arrangement.

Although I could see it work as a version of a main track with more variation for background use.


Hi, I agree with AbnormAudio, I think it needs a bit more to change or to shorten it. Also, you should only upload an mp3 with the watermark on it to Soundcloud, otherwise anyone can download it and use it for free!


thanks so much for your reply, it seems all I have to do is to “crack the code” or something. In the beginning my tracks seem to dense with to much variation, now I try to dumb 'm down, but a bit to much apparantley. And I’ve not yet thought to much about track lenght.

But really glad to hear that the production value in itself is up to a standard. Very curious to see what other people have to say about this

Hi, man!
In my opinion, the main thing for an envato author to keep in mind is understanding other people’s feelings and needs. In other words, you have to develop empathy, if you want to be successful here.
Try to predict how your client would use your tracks, how your tracks could support his projects. For me it’s a kind of difficult task, especially if you used to make music to express yourself and not to align it with other people’s projects.
I agree with the previous guys, that the mixing of your track is not a problem here. If the reviewer rejects your item, and it is not the mixing/mastering issue, he might just not clearly understand the ‘message’ of your track, i.e. how a potential client would use it. I think the reviewers here in most cases have a really good sense of what will ‘work’ and what won’t, so even if such track passes the review, you might not have any sales on it, because people couldn’t understand its ‘message’ as well, even if they like it. I can tell it, because I still have such tracks in my portfolio :slight_smile:
Just don’t give up, try to listen to library music labels to better understand the ‘moods’ and ‘messages’ commonly used in media, always keep in mind that audiojungle isn’t a service like iTunes, where people buy music to listen to, but it is a library: you search music by the moods/tags/categories, then you choose what will work for your project.
Hopefully, you can get what I mean, as english is not my native language. Sorry if my reply is a little bit messy.
The reject is just a beginning! :point_up:


I hope you have uploaded it to hip-hop category. The track is good, mix sounds good, the compositional arrangement is very flat to me. I mean add some excitement, try removing drums at the start, let melody and bass only add some risers and other transition sound effects. And the main thing, DONT GIVE UP. I had lots of tracks rejected in a row but I am Still here.
Good luck.

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actually, I uploaded this to the ambiant section as far as I can remember, didnt know that a wrong category would mean rejection. Thanks for the comment though, really helpfull

Wrong category won’t get you a rejection. At the most a soft reject and you get to select a more suitable category. Although most of the time the reviewers simply move it to a more suitable category.