I do not understand why they rejected me some songs.

I invested a lot of effort and time for a few songs that sound great were rejected.
I’ve been waiting 27 days to respond.I’d like to get a concrete answer about what it is not always one and the same text.I also want to say that despite all the problems is very small earnings and that I will seriously consider whether it will continue with the songs for this site

HI @tiborian! Maybe you share soundcloud links here with us? Because we and personally I, don’t understand what are you talking about.:slight_smile: I know, Envato gives a hard reject for objective reasons and, if track is good, they never gives a hard reject. :slight_smile: Waiting your music.


what’s the problem here?

no problem, nice track, love it!

@tiborian In my view, main reason for hard rejected is commercial composition/arrangement standard (from letter). Track is good commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, but this track it is very difficult to apply to commercial video. cut, video installation. This track have difficult arrangement with piano and change lead voice.:slight_smile:
I think, this pretty jazz good for listening. This is cool jazz that is well suited to listening for lovers of this music, but not for commercial video In any case, this is a cool jazz track :thumbsup:
Good tip: make music easier, take care about motion designer.
Good Luck :slight_smile:

Very cool track, I dont understand why this is rejected. I have only listened on my phone so cant say anything about the production quality, but it sounded nice on the phone. :slight_smile:
I have many tracks in this style (no vocals though) and its the track that sells best for me. You should try submit some other tracks and I’m sure they will get accepted eventually.
You could also make a simpler version of this track, for example without the piano solo, and upload again. If that gets accepted you could add this version as an extra version.

Good track, likely the vocals are the reason for reject - pushes track into “busy” territory. I would maybe re-submit as an instrumental, should get accepted for sure.

Hi. I’m glad you posted the video to share with us. It’s a GREAT track, and is absolutely Ridiculous that some reviewer in their personal opinion chose to reject it.

I think the anonymity of reviewers does make it easy for them just to reject with no reason.

This si VERY commercial and i can put you to 2 British television commercials and some TV shows who are using similar jazzy music like this right now. ANd in fact, i could submit this to a leading television music supervisor right now.

If this is rejected from AJ, then i don’t know WHAT they’e letting in. It’s an absolute travesty.

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