Hi, I had submitted my first music track and it was rejected...

Hello everyone, I am new to Envato, so forgive any mistakes or shortcomings in my post!
I got an email saying that here i could get some idea as to why my track got rejected.
Do I need to post my track here to get some feedback from the more experienced musicians and experts? Pls let me know. Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi newbie (beginner)! :slightly_smiling_face:
Put a link to your track here either through the Soundcloud or via Google Drive and who from the forum I think will be able to help you!
Good luck! :wink:

Thank you for the reply, I am working on uploading the track.

How can put it “SOLUTION” (green checkmark) on deleted message? :slightly_smiling_face: This is incorrect! :wink: It can be changed!

In fact, this could be a good job, about a little earlier than “in the last century”. Too outdated and unworked! In my opinion, your “bass saw” spoils the whole picture, as well as a very frequent change (change of arrangement), because I don’t see the logical connection (for my ear) of this whole set! Also, your ending ends with a decrease in volume, which is not very good (because the client usually does this himself, and many video clips break off abruptly and smoothly at the client’s discretion). This is not the level of the commercial component that would be so well bought, this is in my opinion!
It’s my personal opinion!
Good luck! :wink:
P.S. No offense!

I unchecked that! Sorry, I must have clicked that accidentally, did not do it on purpose!

I get it! That was hard but helpful! I will certainly work hard on improving. I really appreciate your time! Thanks a lot!

Such a great job, try again and submit