The third hard reject

What is the problem? I can not understand the envato team. Same message as the previous: This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (samples / recording / mixing / mastering) standard, and its commercial composition / arrangement standard, unfortunately.

To understand commercial stock composition, arrangement and production better, please read the following article

Sound not dynamical and outdated. Try to use better samples, play with more dynamics and mix it with better quality. Good luck! :slight_smile:

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bro if not a secret, how you are doing a mastering? ie production, What have a plug-in sequence of on the master channel? apologize for illiteracy… :slight_smile:

Hello my friend. Do not worry I know for a song have spent a lot of time but you’d better look to other portfolio and your items better wishing the desire to see things better than you Good luck :+1:

Yeah… 30 days sitting on the computer for 10 tracks in full mode. of these has already received 3 rejects. all the songs in the same style, arrangement, Mixing, Mastering … 3 consecutive rejects, as they say it’s bad for the beginning … pity having spent time in vain :tired_face:

To my mind better way to create professional sound is:

  1. Right arrangement with high quality samples and balanced sound (your demo track must have good and balanced sound before mixing).
  2. My mixing secret is good equalisation first of all. If you do your equalisation right mix will get better sound and loudness.
  3. Some compression and work with verb/delay very important.
  4. Saturation.
  5. My mastering work is only 5% of all mixing work. To my mind mixed track without mastering must have very cool sound. Mastering only a little bit correction of EQ, a soft comression and some saturation.

On my master I use some saturation (console emulation, some times - tape), EQ, stereo imager and final maximizer.


All well said ,support all of the above !:+1:

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Hi guys what do you think? decided to resubmit tracks to the jungle with bug fixes, someone tried? For it does not give me a ban from the site?

I think you can reupload tracks if you did some noticable changes. And I’d add comment to reviewer, that this track is resubmission and what fixes you exactly did. But i’m not sure, just my thoughts.

Thanks bro! Send to my risking :disappointed_relieved:

Good luck bro! :slight_smile:

I fully agree with LuckyBlackCat - the 90% of successful music piece is right arrangement+mixing.

You may play with different plugins (I’m not sure I can directly mention the names here) - and select which ones you like more.

Try pretty simple plugin chain for your tracks: EQ>Compression>Saturation>FX
Try to place FX (like delay, reverb, etc) before the compression/saturation - sometimes it works different for some particular sounds - just pick variant which you like more.
Try to group tracks with similar sounds - for example drums (kick/snare/hi-hat/crash) and apply a bit glue compressor to the group…

I think the only one rule here to follow - not overdo with different plugins and effects - especially with compression.

Good Luck!

I had just used the master channel Eq> Compression> Maximizer | and render. Does not any saturators reverbs… in my opinion for this was not accepted. The music is compared with the reference tracks, of the test I found that my track sounds rather dry. I prepare for re-submit. THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT HAVE DIVIDED YOUR PRECIOUS TIME TO RESPOND!!! :slight_smile:

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