Hard rejection! Please help me find answers...

I’ve read there everything I could. I’ve tried to submit different kinds of music, and every time the reason was: “Your submission doesn’t meet our quality requirements”.

I was composing the item called “Rising Inspiration” while looking at this high-rated one: https://audiojungle.net/item/inspiring/9325839 .
And it was created specially for Envato. But they don’t even say what is specifically wrong with my music. So, I’m very disappointed now…

Tell me please, can I ask my question right to the people who decides, what music must be rejected?

And what is your opinnion, why it happes to my music?
Thank you for your time!

Hi Gravek,

I will give you advice on one track. The one called Rising “Inspiration” has a Bass line that is not in the key with the rest of the music! The music alternates between Dm, and C major. But the Bass Line stays all the time in C#! Causing an uncomfortable harmony. I would also alternate the bass line between Dm and C. I hope it served as help.

I’ll agree with MusicWanderer. The bass in “Rising Inspiration” is spoiling the whole track. Else is good.
“Breath Of An Unruffled Soul” is ok, it’s sad, but maybe just not commercial enough.
“Pictures Of Eden Love” is nice but has a slight tempo floating throughout the song which is not very pleasant to my ears. And that cosmic pad at the beginning doesn’t fit in sentimental piano song.

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Thank you for your quick response.

“Rising Inspiration”. I left the Bass Line at one low note as an allusion to Bach’s “basses of life” )) But you’re rather right: this music doesn’t this holding point…
Do you think, if I change it, they gonna take it? Even if they said: “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”?

I forgot about one more item. It has been ejected too… What do you think about rejection of it and about “Brutal Logo”?

I’m not making Logos and don’t know the nuances and how they should sound)
“Drops To Heaven” sounds nice and cinematic. Maybe reviewers didn’t like the structure. It has a long intro and even longer outro, but the main part is too short.
You know, the best way to understand specific AJ standards is to listen to new (this year) bestsellers and featured items here. Compare those items with your items, analyse and improve.
Good luck!